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We went out to the movies last night, and shortly after we got home we suddenly heard, and felt, a large explosion. All our neighbors were out on the street, trying to figure out what happened, we were seeing twitter reports from even further away of others who felt, and heard it. It was pretty scary not knowing.

Shortly after we found out it was a home that exploded a couple of miles from us. The fires were raging, the houses nearby were in flames, and burning quickly, a lot of homes were damaged by the blast, and they obviously had to evacuate the area. All the details are not out yet, it’s only been a couple of hours.

I feel so bad for those directly effected by this tragedy.

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Saraga International Grocery

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My post is mostly about Asian snacks, but you can find a variety of things at Saraga. You can get everything you need to make complete meals from various cultures; Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and so on. They have fresh meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, a bakery and much, much more. So if you live in Indianapolis and are looking for a store that offers all that stuff you should check this place out.

We finally went to go check out Saraga. They were really busy, and I am sure that is because of their great selection and reasonable prices. I wanted to see if they had a few things that I needed (non snack items) and I also wanted to see what they had for Japanese snacks. We were pleasantly surprised to see that they had everything I was looking for, plus a whole bunch of snacks, but unfortunately they did not have Japanese Kit Kats.

Had to figure out which snacks to buy, there were so many I wanted to get but ended up narrowing it down to Strawberry Bits Pocky, Mix Berry Pocky, Chocolate Fromage Dessert Pocky, Hello Panda Strawberry Biscuits, Strawberry Gummy, Strawberry Hi-Chew, Botan Rice Candy, Pretz and Cheese Pretz. Also got some beverages; Raspberry ramune soda, Melon Ramune soda and Calpico (Calpis) Mango drink. I’ve been wanting to try the Calpico (Calpis) drinks for awhile now and I really liked it! The pocky we bought tasted really good too. The non snack items I bought were, Kewpie Mayonnaise, Mirin and Dashi.

In the freezer section we managed to find Taiyaki and Daifuku (I haven’t tried them yet, but looking forward to it). Those are a couple of things that I had not expected to see and because I have always heard about them I just had to get them to see what they taste like. It’s a safe bet that a freshly made product would be a thousand times better, but for now I will settle with frozen.

As we were on our way home, and got closer to where we live, I  noticed a building that had a sign on it saying; “Saraga coming soon”. This made me really happy, because this store is awesome, but it’s kind of far away from where we live, so knowing one will be close by is really good news! It will be in a strip mall at Madison Ave and Stop 11, near Taco Bell and Little Ceasars Pizza.

Saraga Locations

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Jobs in Indy

This is a bit of a rant…

I have been looking for one for almost a year now and can’t figure out what I need to do to actually get one. I never had this trouble back home, sure sometimes it could take a few months, one time it took me 3, maybe 4, at the most. I once worked a little in Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing and as an office assistant. But those are not the jobs I work anymore (for various reasons). My last job was in food service so I have been putting in for those and retail jobs. Another difference between here and back home is there are a lot less jobs in Indy than I would find back in MA.

My last job shows stability; I was there for over 4 years, the only reason I left was because I moved from Massachusetts to Indiana. And I very rarely took sick days, almost never. Except when I really had to because working with food it is not usually a good idea to be hacking, sneezing and coughing all over it. Also I’m a hard worker, used to fast paced environments, fast learner, always smiling, helpful, friendly, good with customers, work well with others, I can adapt to pretty much anything and all that good stuff that you need to be when you have a job. I am not picky on what I do or on what I get paid. I don’t care if it is part time or full time I am slightly flexable with hours and I plan on actually staying at where ever it is that I can find a job. Especially since it is so hard to get one I will be happy to find ANYTHING! Yet, despite all of that I can’t find a damn job out here.

And I am so sick of spending my time filling out online applications (that is how most everyone does them these days) that take anywhere from an good hour or more (usually more!) then not even hear a damn thing back. Hell I filled one out last week that gave me a freaking math quiz! A math quiz?!?! WTF? So about a week or two ago I actually had a nervous break down filling out one of these damn things. Why? A combination of things really but what broke me was that they asked me the same questions three freakin’ times. Plus they already had most of that information on my application, so they had me submit the same exact information 4 damn times!! Why do they put people through this process and never even call you back? And if you try to call them you get a standard blow off. If they want me to spend 1-2 hours filling out bullshit stuff then they need to do it AFTER I get a call back. If you like my application and I hear back from you than I will be happy to answer all your stupid questions, even if I don’t end up getting the job at least I would have heard something back and don’t feel like I wasted precious moments of my life for absolutely no reason.

So anyway I am starting to panic about not finding a job. The money I came here with is running out and I have a home, bills and a kid to take care of. This is not good. If I could I would move back home, but unfortunately I am stuck out here. I had been trying to make the best of it and have tried to keep optimistic but I just can’t anymore. I have my limits and enough is enough.

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GenCon Indy 2008

Well we missed the first day of GenCon because of his job and other things that came up so that means that we missed the screening of The Guild which I wanted to attend just for fun. But we did go the other 3 days and had a lot of fun, but it did burn us out. One night they had a screening of Serenity which we had planned on seeing. It was at midnight so we thought we should head home and go back up later…But we were so tired we never made it back. Yeah, we are lame.

We met Peter Mayhew, who is Chewbacca in Star Wars, and got his autograph but I stupidly forgot to take a picture of him. And to be even more stupid, I missed out on meeting and getting an autograph from R.A Slavatore (though I did see him..from a short distance). See? Told you…Lame. I am kicking myself now.

We spent a lot of time just trying to see everything and find some cool stuff, like a Dargo (Farscape) statue that we got for only $15. We also got an autographed (by Felicia Day) copy of The Guild on DVD, some WoW trading cards and a collectors edition tin of Star Trek cards. My daughter got a bunch of anime things and all I got for myself was a really cool poster of Drizzt and Guenhwyvar I would have gotten a ReBoot Tee (I was so excited to see ReBoot tees!) but they only had extra large…So when I got home I just ordered one online. 🙂 My daughter attended a few screenings of some anime and one I attended with her was for Vampire Knight (I happen to love Vampires).

What was funny about the whole thing was that I thought my daughter would not want to stand out, she always seems so quite and not sure how to act. And she seemed embarrassed by the idea that my boyfriend was wearing a costume (Dr. Horrible). But once we got there and saw all these people cosplaying, especially since most of them were dressed as some anime character (mostly Naruto cosplayers) and how my bf was getting all this attenion (people kept taking his pic lol) she all of a sudden wanted to stand out. It was too late to really get a costume for her but luckily she already had something she could wear. She had this Jacket just like what Naruto wears (that I got for only $15 on clearance over a year ago) and she had the headband then just added the markings he has on his face, that did the trick and people started taking her picture too. So yeah, she was happy.

And I as I mentioned in my previous post you can check out my flickr for photos from the event.

Downside for me: My boyfriend never thought to take a photo of me while we were there (and it was my first convention), granted I never asked (kind of did once) but I was on one of those, “I want him to think of it himself” kind of things…I should have known better. heh He didn’t even think to get our picture together when I was dressed in my “Dr. H groupie tee” and stuff…But he was disappointed that I didn’t think to snap a pic of him and this girl who was wearing a Dr. H tee (I had taken a pic for her on her camera). Even after I kept saying things like, “Well that’s OK, you have me. Remember? Me…Dr. H groupie…You know? You can have one taken with me.” but he blew me off…Geez…Where exactly do I rate? *shrug*

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