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We went out to the movies last night, and shortly after we got home we suddenly heard, and felt, a large explosion. All our neighbors were out on the street, trying to figure out what happened, we were seeing twitter reports from even further away of others who felt, and heard it. It was pretty scary not knowing.

Shortly after we found out it was a home that exploded a couple of miles from us. The fires were raging, the houses nearby were in flames, and burning quickly, a lot of homes were damaged by the blast, and they obviously had to evacuate the area. All the details are not out yet, it’s only been a couple of hours.

I feel so bad for those directly effected by this tragedy.

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So…My House was Egged

Front door 

Typically, I thought, houses are usually egged as a Halloween prank, or when an adult has pisses off some pre-teen, or teenager. Not that those are actually justified reasons to egg a persons house, but you know what I mean. So I am completely baffled at this random act of vandalism. I can only assume I was the target simply because they got a stupid idea in their heads as I happen to walk past them.

Around midnight last night I was out walking my dog, as I rounded a corner I noticed three teens near one of the houses. I thought nothing of them, realizing I have seen them before when I was out on one of my walks, and also when out for rides I’ve seen them playing basketball at that house. One of them doubled back towards the house (they had been walking away from it), and went inside. I thought nothing of it and kept walking, minding my own business, listening to my mp3 player, then noticed they were behind me (not too close), but once again I thought nothing of it, just assumed they were going in the same direction. I get inside my house, then soon heard something hitting my front door and my large front window. I ran out the door, and the kids took off through a neighbors yard across the street.

I went to the house today, the kid (maybe in mid/late teens? I’m bad at guessing ages.) answered the door, played innocent, and claimed his parents were at work. Though I wondered last night if they worked night shift, because there seemed to be no one home when I walked over there after the egging. He also claimed he had no clue when they get home…Yeah…right. So I told him I will stop by later, and I will keep stopping by until I talk to them.

I can only hope the parents are reasonable, and not idiots who will get mad at me for accusing their demon spawn of something they just know he/they would never do. Though I am sure they will noticed a carton of eggs is missing from the fridge.

Lovely view out my front window

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Downtown is kind of Weird

Took a walk around downtown today, and saw this….

We walked a little further and ran into this…

For perspective, Ken is 6’4″

Then…there is this thing (not my video), hanging out on a corner…Like a prostitute. Whenever I see it I think of a stripper dance…

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Ah-So Sauce

I could not believe my eyes when I went to a Walmart (in Indianapolis) the other day and spotted this…

This is a New England favorite, I’m pretty sure everyone I knew had it in their fridge. From what I understood it was only sold out there, it was not one of the products that went national. But yet, I just found Ah-So Sauce in Indianapolis. I’ve looked for it before, no one carried it…Until now.

You might wonder why this makes me happy. Well, for some reason I’ve always liked the stuff, and when I moved the only way to get it was for my parents to send some out to me (or I could buy it online & pay some crazy price). It’s nice to see some of the products I could so easily get back home, showing up out here.

The only problem is not every store will carry these brands. I have to head to Walmart for Joseph’s Pita Bread & Ah-So Sauce and go to Meijer for Marshmallow Fluff and B&M baked beans. Back home I could get them all in one location, and at pretty much every store. But I’m not really complaining. I just hope they don’t stop selling these products.

This makes me want to go out and buy some pork chops, marinate them in ah-so sauce and serve them up with some B&M baked beans.

Damn. Now I’m hungry.


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Adventures at Walmart

Ken and I were at our local Walmart and when we got to the check out he went first and purchased his items, one of them was a bottle of alcohol. The cashier stares at his ID, then she stares at him as if she’s baffled, then back to the ID, back to him, back to the ID, she starts to hand it back, and just as he is about to take it she pulls it away to look at it one last time before telling him he looks really young. Trust me when I say that he looks old enough to buy alcohol, but OK whatever. As she hands back the ID (for real this time) she asks him how old he his (he’s 27), I got the impression she was testing him, I guess he passed because she let him buy the alcohol.

Then came my turn in line; she rings up all my stuff and I pay with a credit card, she asks me for my ID, so I hand it to her. She stares at it for what felt like an eternity, then she realizes my card did not go through (it should have) and she asks, “Is this your mama’s card?” I thought that was an odd question but I just smirked and replied, “Nope. It’s mine.”  She starts to insist that I use the card as debit and not credit, I refused because I always use it as credit and offered to use another card instead, that one went through. At this point I turn and say something to Ken, all of a sudden the cashier gets all wide-eyed and panicky, interrupting us to ask, “Are you together?!”, we tell her that we are. She pretty much freaks out and starts saying (a few times), “I’ll be right back, just wait here!”. When she dashes off Ken and I look at each other and can’t help but wonder what the hell that was all about. We thought about leaving cause, well, we already paid and didn’t see the point of waiting for the crazy lady who obviously had no reason to tell us to wait, but I was curious.

After a few minutes she came back with someone we assume to be her manager, they both stand there just glaring at me and Ken for a good minute (it felt more like 5), I got the impression the other employee was trying to intimidate us. This was weirding us out, so I shrugged at them as if to say, ‘well? What do you want?’. That’s when the manager asks, “What’s the problem here?” and looks at me and Ken expectantly (like we knew?). I started to reply that I had no idea, then the cashier speaks up; angry look on her face, jabbing her finger at us, “Well they’re together and I’m uncomfortable about that!”. She pauses long enough for me to wonder why the crazy bitch has a problem with me and my boyfriend being together, then she said something about how she sold him alcohol. I started to ask what the big deal was, and the cashier interrupted me to say that my ID said I was a minor, and that she was uncomfortable with all of this. The whole time she is acting freaked out, and looking at us as if we are up to something. Feeling stunned, I blurted out, “I’m 38!” (yes. that’s right, I’m 38) she replies, one hand on her hip and the other jabbing a disbelieving finger at me, “Your ID said you are a minor!” So I pull out my ID and proceed to call the woman an idiot (sometimes things like that slip out. Meh. screw being nice). The other employee comes to the cashiers defense and says, “She’s not an idiot, she’s just doing her job.” I said, “No. She is an idiot, who has no clue what she is doing. She analyzed my ID, and somehow thinks it says I’m a minor?”. The cashier was babbling something stupid during this, so out of frustration I started to raise my voice over her. And because of that, and the fact they didn’t want to hear what an idiot the cashier was, the other employee asked us to leave, which we were more than happy to do (and we will never return to that loony bin).

Normally if someone thinks I’m too young to buy alcohol I would be flattered/amused, but because of the way it was done this time I was pretty much just annoyed (but still a bit amused).

Bottom line: This should not have been an issue. She clearly saw my ID, it does not in any way say that I am a minor, and my year of birth is very clear on it. Also, I get that people think that I look younger than I actually am, but I do not pass for a “minor”, I really don’t. But OK, for whatever reason she makes those mistakes and thinks I am underage, am I wrong in thinking that when the cashier realized Ken and I were together she simply could have asked to see my ID again (to double check)? Instead she freaks out, doesn’t tell us anything but to “wait”, and holds up the line so she can run off and get her manager (or whoever she was). Plus, the whole time she acted like a paranoid nut. /facepalm

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