Strangers In My Yard

It’s slightly disturbing to learn that you had complete strangers hanging out in your yard.We may have never known if they didn’t leave these behind…

Ken was mowing the lawn when he almost ran over these sunglasses and Swiss army knife. That army knife is well used, but I would just want to know what they were doing with it in my yard. I looked the glasses up online, turns out the sell for an average of $115. Then I realized, I needed a pair of sunglasses, so I cleaned them up…

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My 40th Birthday

On Sunday I turned 40. I don’t feel it, I don’t act it and (thankfully) I don’t look it.

Here I am on my b’day wearing my Bad Wolf tee (which you can’t see)….

Spent the day just hanging out. We went up north, made a stop at a comicbook store where we picked up the second issue of the star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who crossover. Love the image at the end which combines original Trek and the 4th Doctor, my two childhood obsessions…

After that we went to a mall, I mainly wanted to go because they have a Lego store. Then we stopped at a little Japanese store where I picked up some green tea kit kats.

When we got home Ken grilled up some yummy burgers and we had some strawberry cream pie. After watching some Doctor Who with Ken and Amanda I relaxed and did some reading.

It really wasn’t much different than any other day, but it was still nice.

Here’s my birthday loot! BSG Hoodie, Doctor Who lunch box and an awesome plush Amanda made for me (I double heart Doctor Who)…

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So…My House was Egged

Front door 

Typically, I thought, houses are usually egged as a Halloween prank, or when an adult has pisses off some pre-teen, or teenager. Not that those are actually justified reasons to egg a persons house, but you know what I mean. So I am completely baffled at this random act of vandalism. I can only assume I was the target simply because they got a stupid idea in their heads as I happen to walk past them.

Around midnight last night I was out walking my dog, as I rounded a corner I noticed three teens near one of the houses. I thought nothing of them, realizing I have seen them before when I was out on one of my walks, and also when out for rides I’ve seen them playing basketball at that house. One of them doubled back towards the house (they had been walking away from it), and went inside. I thought nothing of it and kept walking, minding my own business, listening to my mp3 player, then noticed they were behind me (not too close), but once again I thought nothing of it, just assumed they were going in the same direction. I get inside my house, then soon heard something hitting my front door and my large front window. I ran out the door, and the kids took off through a neighbors yard across the street.

I went to the house today, the kid (maybe in mid/late teens? I’m bad at guessing ages.) answered the door, played innocent, and claimed his parents were at work. Though I wondered last night if they worked night shift, because there seemed to be no one home when I walked over there after the egging. He also claimed he had no clue when they get home…Yeah…right. So I told him I will stop by later, and I will keep stopping by until I talk to them.

I can only hope the parents are reasonable, and not idiots who will get mad at me for accusing their demon spawn of something they just know he/they would never do. Though I am sure they will noticed a carton of eggs is missing from the fridge.

Lovely view out my front window

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Downtown is kind of Weird

Took a walk around downtown today, and saw this….

We walked a little further and ran into this…

For perspective, Ken is 6’4″

Then…there is this thing (not my video), hanging out on a corner…Like a prostitute. Whenever I see it I think of a stripper dance…

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Job Stuff

Sunday I was at the mall and noticed that FYE was hiring, the sign said to apply online, it also said to introduce yourself to the manager before you leave. So I did, then when I went home I applied for the job. I’m hoping talking to someone at the store makes a difference, guess I will find out.

On Monday Ken came home and told me the guy he works for was asking what I do, so Ken told him about the social media stuff, later on he called Ken and said they have a client who needs someone to do that stuff, and wondered if I would like the job. Umm…Yeah! I don’t know what’s going on with that yet,

Speaking of social media, I’ve been trying to update the Facebook & twitter pages more for KLA, and the Women’s Half, it’s proving to be fairly difficult because of a couple of factors (the half is only once a year, and KLA does not have a lot of events happening). I update with some filler stuff, and could probably do more, but then it will become spammy and really doesn’t benefit us much. Anyway, I’ve been able to put in more hours now, which is good because lately I’ve been broke a lot.

I’m hoping this other social media job pulls through, I have no clue how much it will pay, or how many hours I will be putting in, etc, I’ll just be glad for the extra money. I’d like to help out more with the bills (right now I only pay my credit cards and buy groceries) and I think I should be able to make enough to shop around for a cheap health insurance plan. I really need to get to a doctor about my suspected heart condition.

Not much of an update, but this is the most progress I’ve made since I moved out here.

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Ah-So Sauce

I could not believe my eyes when I went to a Walmart (in Indianapolis) the other day and spotted this…

This is a New England favorite, I’m pretty sure everyone I knew had it in their fridge. From what I understood it was only sold out there, it was not one of the products that went national. But yet, I just found Ah-So Sauce in Indianapolis. I’ve looked for it before, no one carried it…Until now.

You might wonder why this makes me happy. Well, for some reason I’ve always liked the stuff, and when I moved the only way to get it was for my parents to send some out to me (or I could buy it online & pay some crazy price). It’s nice to see some of the products I could so easily get back home, showing up out here.

The only problem is not every store will carry these brands. I have to head to Walmart for Joseph’s Pita Bread & Ah-So Sauce and go to Meijer for Marshmallow Fluff and B&M baked beans. Back home I could get them all in one location, and at pretty much every store. But I’m not really complaining. I just hope they don’t stop selling these products.

This makes me want to go out and buy some pork chops, marinate them in ah-so sauce and serve them up with some B&M baked beans.

Damn. Now I’m hungry.


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So far for 2012

Well, there’s not really a whole lot to talk about, other than the fact that Ken got a new job.

He had been coming home more stressed all the time, talking about how he wanted to get out of that office (working for his grandparents). So he stared to put in for some webdesign jobs, a small company, that is partnered up with a bigger company, ended up coming through for him. So after 9 years of working for his grandparents he is having a whole new experience. He’s going on his third week there, and he loves it. That makes me happy for him! I’m glad he found a place where he likes going to work. He has a longer day now, but sometimes things like that are worth it to be able to work in a place you like.

On another work note, I get the feeling that some chick is trying to steal my job. Ken thinks she is asking to work a job that she believes was his (she knows he no longer works at KLA)…But still…Maybe someone should tell her, “We have someone who does the social media.”. Honestly, it’s kind of ticking me off.

I don’t know her, I’ve only just heard of her and all I know is that she’s a reporter, is into running, was hired as a coach for their mini marathon training program, and obviously knows Ken’s grandparents. She also decided, on her own, to start a twitter for the training program. Imagine how surprised I was to log into the work accounts (that I created, because it’s my job) to find out I was being ‘followed’ by our training program…An account I did not create and knew nothing about.

Now she keeps offering to do the Women’s Half Marathon one, she wants in on the facebook pages as well. I created a B2B facebook page before she could (she said she wanted to), and made her an admin. She has no clue who did that, because evidently no one told her about me, she thinks it was Ken. Someone, who actually talks to her, needs to tell her they have someone who does the social media. I have no problem with her updating the B2B stuff, but that’s because she’s a coach for that program. Also, in my opinion, anything to do with social media should be created by me, and I should have access to them because, you know, it’s kinda my job. I managed to get into the B2B twitter account and add the bio, location and website because she decided to leave that vital info off. The only reason I was able to get into it was because her email and password were the exact same thing. I mean…Really? Who does that?

Now for something off topic; Over a month ago I wrote a post about how no one out here in Indy carried Marshmallow Fluff anymore. Then we went to Meijer last night, and guess what we found…MARSHMALLOW FLUFF! I already loved this store, now I love them even more. They are also the only place out here that carries B&M baked beans, and I found some awesome pumpkin spice butter, I have not seen this anywhere else. If you didn’t know, I happen to love everything pumpkin flavored.

Well, time to wrap this up. Looks like I ended up venting a bit about the social media stuff. Oops.

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