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Job Issues

The place I work for is closing down in a few weeks, and it seems to me they think they are still open. First, they asked one of their other contract workers to work on a logo for an event they used to have every February. Why would they want that? The event is clearly not happening anymore.

The next odd thing was an email I received from them about a posting I made over a week ago, on their Women’s Half Marathon facebook page. I posted, what seemed to me, a relevant article from a fitness website, it was a Fall gear guide for women. There were links in the article to various sites, I did not think this would be a problem. Most articles would have links back to the items they are talking about. They linked to national stores, or sites you could order from (like amazon). In the email they sent me they asked that I remove it because, “this is in competition with our sponsor”. This baffled me. I would think that the sponsor in question is no longer a sponsor for a couple of reasons. #1 the race is over, can’t be a sponsor of something they are no longer contributing to. #2 there is not going to be a race next year, at least not put on by the company I work for since they are CLOSING. How are they a sponsor of an event that is not only over, but isn’t even happening next year?

There’s another issue that I have with this whole “sponsor” thing. The company in question is a local business that sells athletic gear, they don’t have a way to order anything online, and they don’t even show any gear on their site. When I first saw their page I thought they were a training place for runners, because that is pretty much the only thing they mention on there. That leads me to my next problem, this Women’s Half had participants from all across the country. A local company, that has nothing on their site, and no way to order online, does not give me any options to post stuff relevant to our followers.

I won’t even get started on the fact that they have my boyfriend working on a site for some race, but they didn’t add in a charge for the website when they told these people they would give them a site. So it’s evidently being done for free. Things like this are the reason they have to close.


(just needed to vent a little about this)

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Frugality & Job Searching

For some reason, that I can’t figure out, after moving to Indy in 2007 I have not been able to find a permanent job. It’s not because I’m being picky, far from it. I’m putting in for everything, well, at least anything I can do, or think I can do. There’s clearly some limitations, for example; I can’t be an electrician, or any other job that requires skills I simply don’t have, and can’t train for on the job. I’m fine with minimum wage, so it’s not like I’m looking to get a lot of money. I use ‘keywords’ and tailor my resumes for each job, I have called back, I’ve looked into employment agencies (they have nothing for me), etc.

Earlier this year I had some stuff that seemed promising, but it never happened (through no fault of my own). The one job I did have, which was barely even part-time, working for my boyfriends grandparents, is gone. They closed up shop. It may not have been a lot of money, but it was something. This job was also Ken’s ‘extra’ source of income (he worked on their website, and worked races). I’m just glad he found a new job last year, it worked out well.

Because of all the above I have been trying to be very frugal lately, more than I normally am. If Ken and Amanda were not such picky eaters they would be living off ramen. Most of our meals involve pasta and….err…and…more pasta? Well, whatever it is I’ve been feeding them I’m able to keep meal costs down. I’ve pretty much just been getting the basics; Cereal, milk, eggs, bread, lunch meat, pastas, rice, frozen chicken tenders, frozen burger patties, etc. You get the idea. Also doing more shopping at ALDI, it saves me a ton of money, and I have no clue why I stopped shopping there.

Earlier I was going over what’s left of my money, and figured out that I have enough to pay my credit cards for the next 2 months, and enough to for about 3 weeks of groceries. I don’t have much, but I’m going to start digging around to see if I have anything I can sell on craigslist. This sucks. I just want a damn job.

Anyway, no real point to this post, except for trying to get some stuff off my chest, and to say that I am fracking losing my mind.

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Holiday Greeting Drama

It’s about that time of year when a lot of Christians start to freak out about people saying, “Happy Holidays”. There are already a few memes making the rounds on facebook, one of them is probably the most idiotic thing that I have ever read; “WHAT A CROCK OF SH!T….. We can’t say Merry Christmas now we have to say Happy Holidays. We can’t call it a Christmas tree, it’s now called a Holiday tree? Because it might offend someone. If you don’t ike our “Customs” and it offends you so much then GO HOME. I will help you pack. They are called customs and we have our traditions If you… agree with this…please post this as your status!! I AM A PROUD TO BE An American , MERRY CHRISTMAS Do you have what it takes to repost this?”  

OK. Now for some fun, let’s break it down…

WHAT A CROCK OF SH!T….. We can’t say Merry Christmas now we have to say Happy Holidays.
No one is stopping you from personally saying, “Merry Christmas” on your facebook, to your friends, family or even some random stranger on the street, and you know it. Stop pretending otherwise. Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ in your personal everyday life is not banned, or against the law. BUT it is poor taste, and should not be said when addressing large crowds of people from various backgrounds (like in schools, etc) or if you are a cashier it would be rude to wish everyone who comes through your line a “Merry Christmas”, because you have no clue what they believe, or don’t believe in. You’re being self-centered and inconsiderate. There are other holidays that are celebrated this time of year, and those ones were actually around long before Christmas. “Happy Holidays” is simply a harmless way to include all of them, and not let religion be a focus.

We can’t call it a Christmas tree, it’s now called a Holiday tree? 
That Christmas tree you are whining about? That tree was a tradition that Christians stole from Pagans. But that aside, are you seriously trying to say that when you set your tree up that you HAVE to call it a Holiday Tree? Is that what you are doing? No. It’s not. Stop being a drama queen. Again, no one is stopping you from doing whatever you want in your personal day to day life. You can have your Christmas tree, which started as a Pagan tradition, and you can call it a Christmas tree. No one cares, not even the Pagans who started the custom.

Because it might offend someone.
Saying Merry Christmas, or calling your tree a Christmas tree is not offensive. The offense is in that a lot of Christians think they are the only ones who should be of any importance, and those of us who do not conform to your beliefs should be treated as though we do not matter. We are second class citizens to you, or something nasty that you scraped off the bottom of your shoe. Despite what you say, and what you want others to believe, this is NOT a Christian Nation. America is a melting pot of people who come from all kinds of backgrounds, religions and beliefs. You can believe and celebrate however you want, no one is stopping you, but the rest of us also have the right to believe, not believe, and celebrate as we want. We also have the right not to have yours, or any other religion constantly shoved down our throats.

If you don’t ike our “Customs” and it offends you so much then GO HOME. I will help you pack. They are called customs and we have our traditions
Remember what I said about your Christmas tree? Well pretty much every single custom and tradition you follow, and the way you celebrate at this time of year, are Pagan traditions, stolen by Christians (and not just on this Holiday, Easter too). So really, they are not YOUR customs, they are Pagan customs & traditions, and you’re obviously not a Pagan. You have your manger with your baby Jesus and your wise men, but I think that’s about it. And “go home”? This confuses my brain. Are you implying that if someone does not believe and think as you do that they are not an American citizen? Or was it something more simple, like, did you want to send me back to Boston, maybe? *shrug*. Also, it’s a safe bet that if you look into your background you will find that your family are immigrants. So maybe you should go home! There, I told you!

If you… agree with this…please post this as your status!! I AM A PROUD TO BE An American , MERRY CHRISTMAS Do you have what it takes to repost this?
Hmm. Yeah, it seems like you are implying that I am not an American, or at least that I am not proud to be one? But hey, good for you, I am glad that you are proud to be an American. But I am confused about what that has to do with celebrating Christmas. I have friends who are English, are Christians, and celebrate Christmas. So you know, with them being from England and all, it means they are not American. Yet they also celebrate Christmas, and have the same religion as you do….So…umm…What was your point again?

For anyone ignorant enough to post these stupid memes, you should probably know that because this is America, it means that we all have the right to believe, or not believe, how ever we choose. So get over yourselves, you are not oppressed. There is no reason for you to be this full of hate and anger. You might want to think about why you hate those of us who do not believe as you do. What kind of way is that to be? No one expects Christians to stop believing and celebrating the way that they want to. The problem is that Christians want exclusive rights to what the holiday greeting is, while every other faith is simply asking to be included along with Christians via a universal greeting.

Well, I hope that everyone has a happy whatever they celebrate, and if you don’t celebrate anything this time of year, then I wish you good cheer, or something like that. At the very least I hope you get a paid day off from work.

Also worth noting: I have seen other variations of this for people in Canada and England. Pretty much everything is the same, just take out “America” and replace with other country.

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Need a life

Yeah. I need a life. Indiana is boring beyond belief, and I have no friends out here and can’t even find a steady job.

The weird thing is, now that I have ‘no life’ I choose to blog. Back when I actually had a job, when I knew a few people, had a young kid, went through some tough challenges in my life, and even went out on occasion, I never once blogged. Now I wish I had, it would have been nice to look back at things. I also wish I took more pictures of people, places I liked to go, etc.

Well, lesson learned. In preparation of somehow finding an actual life out here in Indy, I will blog and take photos of whatever I feel like. Which is pretty much anything and everything.

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Health Problems

Had a bit of a scare this past weekend that at first I dismissed as “nothing”, probably because the alternative is scary, and then there’s the fact that I have no job, no insurance and no money.

It started when I went to pick something up and when I bent over, just slightly, I got this sudden sharp pain in my chest. I straightened myself out then a few seconds later it seemed to go away, so I tried to bend over again, another sudden shot of pain. That time it didn’t go away, I’m not sure how long it lasted but I was in pain for awhile, if I had to guess I’d say it lasted 20 minutes. Even after it stopped I still had some pain when I moved certain ways, I was also nauseous, had trouble breating and felt sleepy.

I probably should have gone to the ER, Ken wanted to take me, but I was worried about money, and simply thought it was nothing. Since it’s suspected that it’s heart related I’ve decided to completely alter what I eat so it’s all ‘heart healthy’. I ate somewhat healthy before, but not always, and I didn’t focus on ‘heart healthy’ stuff, like salmon, etc. It’s not a fix, but it will help a little (according to what I’ve been reading). The next time I start getting any pain, or even feel “wrong”, I will be heading to the ER. I’ve also been looking into some sort of health insurance, but it seems that I can’t afford any. And since no one wants to hire me I can’t get any through a job.

At some point I know I will need to see a doctor, or simply go to an ER, it’s going to be unavoidable. But this is freaking me out and I just wish the problem could go away on it’s own. I just wish I could get health insurance.

So screw all you assholes who are against health care reform and want those of us who can’t find a job and can’t afford insurance to die. Because really, that’s what you’re saying you want. And screw you Indiana for not having a system for people in my situation, like MassHealth, that they had back home.

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Boston Annoyathon

Evidently today is the day for the Boston marathon. I only know this because when I logged onto my facebook account half my friends who live in Boston were complaining about how it was causing them problems with getting to work, or other places. I’ve never been interested in the marathon, sometimes I found it flat out annoying…especially when I was a kid and it was on TV where my cartoons should have been. 😉

Back home there are a lot of us who find the marathon annoying, for a few reasons; traffic problems, crowds, etc. The only ones I know who do not find it annoying are runners or people who actually know someone running in it, and sometimes even then they still (secretly) think it’s a pain in the ass. Of course there are those who have a weird sense of pride that this overrated, well-known marathon is located in Boston. I don’t see the appeal.

And now, unfortunately, the marathon brings to mind one of the many weird conversations I’ve had with Ken’s mom:

We were at a cookout for Kens grandparents anniversary, it started off with his mom saying, “You’re late. You guys are always late for everything, like that time at the aquarium.” We just shrugged it off, but this comment made no sense to either of us. Anytime we went to a family get-together we were always on time, and the time at the aquarium we were even there BEFORE them (we went to see a dolphin show). But granted, this time we were technically late, because I wanted to be. We were asked to get there a 1/2 hour before his grandparents. I saw no reason to this, and I could clearly envision the many ways Kens mom would torture me during that time. For the record, we made sure to show up well before his grandparents, so I have no clue what the big deal was. I went straight to where Eric (Kens cousin) and his girlfriend were sitting, and my plan worked perfectly. I was able to talk to them, and avoid Kens mom.

Once we were outside Kens mom sat across from me, at one point I remember her asking me, “Have you always been a geek, and into geeky things, or are you only like that because of Ken?” This confused me, and I didn’t answer right away because I found it to be an odd question, especially in the way/tone she asked it. Eric spoke up before me and said, “Yeah, she’s always been that way.”. I spent most of my time trying to talk to other people so I could avoid ‘crazy mom’. Eventually Eric and his girlfriend left because they had other plans (wish I had thought of that). I was jealous of them.

OK here it comes…
Kens mom asked me, “Have you ever watched the Boston marathon?” I answered, “No. I never had an interest in it. The only way I ever saw it was on TV when I was a kid.” (that was the time I was pissed my cartoons weren’t on lol). She stared at me as if absolutely perplexed by what I had said, then started to talk to me as if I was stupid and hadn’t understood her question, “Well. Uh, I mean…Have you ever actually gone to see it? In person?” still looking at me with that confused look, I answer, again, “Umm…Nnnooo…?”. She still sat there completely baffled, I don’t get what was going on in her mind. I clearly answered her question, both times. I get why she asked, I’m from that area and she is into running. But why was my answer so hard for her to grasp? Did she actually not consider it an option that I might not have ever seen the marathon? I don’t exactly find it entertaining to watch a bunch of people running (and she knows that). Snoozefest.

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First Post of 2011

Ken’s birthday was at the end of December and we celebrated it by ordering a pizza from one of our favorite pizza places, Greek’s Pizzaria. We discovered them recently, they are nearby and one of the few places who will deliver to our area, and they turned out to be really good. I made Ken a cake, and I decided to decorate it, which is something I never do because I simply do not have the patience for decorating cakes, but I don’t let that stop me from trying. I got the idea for his cake when we were carving pumpkins for Halloween…

For our New Years meal I made some Chinese food…OK most of the stuff was frozen, but I like things to be easy (and it’s cheaper than ordering out). On the menu; Orange chicken, veggie spring rolls, crab rangoon and fried rice. The only thing I actually made was the fried rice, and I found a really easy, simple recipe for that online.

I’ve been able to get a little work with Ken’s grandparents (which is unusual this time of year); Worked on a facebook and twitter page for a women’s only half-marathon they are working on for the fall, updating the KLA (and women’s marathon) facebook & twitter accounts, finding & downloading music then making playlists for the KLA iPod that they use at events and updating some race calendars, etc. Which brings me to the fact I still can’t find a steady/permanent job.

Guess that’s it for  now, not much happening. But of course there never really is anything happening.

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