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Freebies & Stuff

Seriously, I’m a bit confused as to why anyone wants to send us stuff to review over our geek blog. I mean, it’s a good blog, and we work hard on it. But it still surprises me to get an email saying, “Hey, we have (insert product) and we want you to review it.” So far it’s only been a couple of books, and most recently an iPad case (that is worth over $60 retail).

It’s been weird lately, with the free things and winning of stuff. I mentioned previously that Ken and Amanda both won 4-day GenCon passes, which are worth $70/$80 each. There’s also the ‘word of mouth sites’ we keep getting stuff from, (like Influenster & BzzAgent). Still haven’t gotten anything from them that would be good with our geek blog, but there’s been some useful items (shampoos, body washes, lotion, dish soap, shoe insoles, etc) . Plus I keep getting food campaigns from BzzAgent, which is awesome. Cause, well, free food! No, they don’t send the food, just coupons to get it free (or discounted) at Kroger.

I could get used to this, seriously. Everyone loves free things, plus I’m broke so that makes it even better. Also, I am at least talking about, and posting, etc, about the items, so I’m not just taking them and giving nothing in return.

Not much happening, trying to take better care of myself, because sometimes I slack in that department. Finding my walks more fun & easy now that I downloaded the Zombies, Run! app.

So yeah…Guess that’s it for this months update…It’s very much like last months. This is why I don’t work on my personal blog much. *sigh*

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Just doing a random, quick update to say, “Look at me! I have my first pair of glasses!”

I finally had to admit that things in the distance were pretty blurry, and it was getting worse. Signs on the street,  or in stores, etc, were blurry to the point I couldn’t read them, any kind of text on the TV was blurry, and so on. Ken paid for my eye exam, and bought me my glasses, and now I can see properly! It’s amazing!

2013-01-16 14.53.09

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So far for 2012

Well, there’s not really a whole lot to talk about, other than the fact that Ken got a new job.

He had been coming home more stressed all the time, talking about how he wanted to get out of that office (working for his grandparents). So he stared to put in for some webdesign jobs, a small company, that is partnered up with a bigger company, ended up coming through for him. So after 9 years of working for his grandparents he is having a whole new experience. He’s going on his third week there, and he loves it. That makes me happy for him! I’m glad he found a place where he likes going to work. He has a longer day now, but sometimes things like that are worth it to be able to work in a place you like.

On another work note, I get the feeling that some chick is trying to steal my job. Ken thinks she is asking to work a job that she believes was his (she knows he no longer works at KLA)…But still…Maybe someone should tell her, “We have someone who does the social media.”. Honestly, it’s kind of ticking me off.

I don’t know her, I’ve only just heard of her and all I know is that she’s a reporter, is into running, was hired as a coach for their mini marathon training program, and obviously knows Ken’s grandparents. She also decided, on her own, to start a twitter for the training program. Imagine how surprised I was to log into the work accounts (that I created, because it’s my job) to find out I was being ‘followed’ by our training program…An account I did not create and knew nothing about.

Now she keeps offering to do the Women’s Half Marathon one, she wants in on the facebook pages as well. I created a B2B facebook page before she could (she said she wanted to), and made her an admin. She has no clue who did that, because evidently no one told her about me, she thinks it was Ken. Someone, who actually talks to her, needs to tell her they have someone who does the social media. I have no problem with her updating the B2B stuff, but that’s because she’s a coach for that program. Also, in my opinion, anything to do with social media should be created by me, and I should have access to them because, you know, it’s kinda my job. I managed to get into the B2B twitter account and add the bio, location and website because she decided to leave that vital info off. The only reason I was able to get into it was because her email and password were the exact same thing. I mean…Really? Who does that?

Now for something off topic; Over a month ago I wrote a post about how no one out here in Indy carried Marshmallow Fluff anymore. Then we went to Meijer last night, and guess what we found…MARSHMALLOW FLUFF! I already loved this store, now I love them even more. They are also the only place out here that carries B&M baked beans, and I found some awesome pumpkin spice butter, I have not seen this anywhere else. If you didn’t know, I happen to love everything pumpkin flavored.

Well, time to wrap this up. Looks like I ended up venting a bit about the social media stuff. Oops.

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2012 Goals

I don’t bother with “New Years Resolutions” because no one ever holds to those anyway. But I do have some goals, things that I really do need to focus on. The New Year is looked at as a fresh start, and so this is why I decided to think more about my goals.

1. Take better care of my health. Which means eating healthier pretty much all the time and working out more. This is actually pretty important, and not for vain reasons, because I have been having some health problems.

2. Find a steady job. I don’t know what more I can do to find one, but I am determined I will find one this year. I have to catch a break sometime, why not in 2012?

3. Get more involved with the “geek community” in Indy. Make some close friends, which I am lacking out here.

4. Find ways to spend less/save money. Ideas: Cook at home every night (don’t get temped by fast food, which is not good for my health anyway). Do as much of my grocery shopping as I can at Aldi. Things like that.

5. Work with my daughter on getting her GED, we already have an awesome GED prep-guide.

Umm…That’s seems to be all that I can come up with.

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Luck Reversing?

In my last post, “One More Thing…” I mentioned how my postal service pretty much sucks, and how my neighbors suck because when they get my mail they don’t make sure it gets to me. But mostly I was bitching about the postal service.

So today I noticed a package sitting on my porch, not where the mail carrier usually leaves it. Looked like it was kind of thrown up there & was it was on the edge of the porch. Typically when the mail carrier delivers a package it’s always right near my door, and he will ring the doorbell. This is obviously not what happened. Then I brought it in the house, started to pull the tape off and noticed it looked like it was re-taped. Hmm.

I suspect one of my neighbors did get my package, not sure why they waited so long to return it to me though (they would have gotten it on Saturday), and they probably accidentally opened it (this is understandable). But at least it was returned. So, yay! Warm flannel sheets!

Maybe other things will start going right now. I hope.

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Recent Randomsness

The last week and a half as been pretty darn annoying for me.

First I went to a Dunkin Donuts, that I have only been to a couple of times, once we got our drinks I remembered why. They suck. I actually like Dunkins, just not this particular location. They water down the drinks seriously bad, and they taste nasty. Undrinkable. I imagine it’s what sewer water would taste like.

On Black Friday I tried to take advantage of a deal from the Kohl’s website. It’s getting cold and I need some warm sweaters, and I figured we could all use flannel sheets (Ken was actually paying, not me, I was just doing the ordering.) so I picked out 3 sweaters, and the sheets (still waiting to get the sheets). Got the sweaters, but the order was completely messed up. I did get 3 sweaters, but they were the wrong ones, and all the wrong sizes. That’s what I get for ordering from a place that used Rebecca Blacks “Friday” song in their Black Friday ads.

Next deal I tried to take advantage of was free shipping at ThinkGeek, I was buying Ken a gift, a TARDIS mug. Well it came in, and the handle was broken off. Annoying, but not really a big deal because ThinkGeek is really good with shipping out a new replacement. Unfortunately the mug, that I had just ordered 2 days before, was now out of stock.

I have at least one more paycheck coming in this month, should have gotten it earlier this week. Unfortunately they don’t have the funds to pay us right now. I know they will, but yeah…Just kinda adds to my problems. And because of this it looks like Ken will be paying my credit cards, again (or one of them). I went grocery shopping at the start of the week, thinking I was getting my paycheck the next day, so I basically spent some of the money that would have paid for my credit cards. My parents had sent me a check recently which helped a lot, but yeah…was still depending on the income. I’m not completely broke, just don’t have enough to cover both of my cards.

Last, but not least, as my last post mentioned, I discovered that stores in Indiana are no longer selling Marshmallow Fluff. I was craving a fluffernutter, and wanted to put some fluff in my hot chocolate too. Comfort food, it was supposed to make me feel better. *sigh*

At least we had a good day Saturday. Ordered a pizza and watched “Serenity” with Ken and Amanda. Nothing went wrong.  Yay!

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Week Off

Ken had a week off (July 4th – 11th), we didn’t do much, just a lot of relaxing and hanging out.

We had a cookout on the 4th, watched some Supernatural (a favorite for all of us) and also watched How to Train Your Dragon (in 3D). Once it got dark we went outside to shoot off some fireworks, I originally mentioned going to his grandparents to shoot some off as well, but I started off the week not feeling too well so that got canceled. But we still had a fun & relaxing day, even if I was sick.

Later in the week (Thursday?) we went downtown because it’s one of my favorite areas, since it’s more lively than where we live. We hung out in the mall a bit, Amanda was happy because she was able to find a plushie, Pikachu backpack that she wanted. Then we went for a little walk and headed to Borders, only to find out it was closed (for good). That bummed me out because I wanted to hang out in there a bit. So we went to the next stop we planned on, Dunkin Donuts, grabbed a bite to eat and had some coolattas. We had no idea what else to do because those were our usual stops, so we ended up cutting it short and going home. On the way back we stopped to get pizza at Enzos, one of my favorite places.

Borders being closed reminded me of the fact that it seems everywhere I hang out has places that I like closing down. The week before we went to the area we usually have our “geek dates” only to find out that our favorite comic book store was all empty & closed down. Now this week the Borders that is in that same area is going out of business (like all Borders). So we can no longer enjoy that area. Quiet disappointing. From now on I think we will go to the mall which has a Barnes and Nobles attached. Plus BestBuy and Christmas Tree Shops are also nearby, so that could turn out well.

My 39th birthday was on Friday the 8th, we went out to have a late breakfast at Bob Evans (I LOVE breakfast foods) and we watched some Supernatural. Also had a strawberry cream pie, which was very yummy. Recently Ken bought me an early b’day present, a bike (a cheap one I picked out at Walmart heh). I wanted one mainly for exercise, I can’t really go anywhere on it because of the area we live in there are busy roads, no sidewalks, too much grassy/muddy areas. The only “safe” areas to ride around in are around the neighborhood.

Other stuff: Been working on getting the mold out of the house, got all the mold gear I needed (spray, gloves, protective eye wear, mask, DampRid) then I started to tackle the areas that needed tackling. And a few weeks ago we borrowed a power washer from Kens grandparents because our patio is a mess, mildew, etc. We haven’t finished it yet, but the results look pretty neat…

Before and After results of the deck

I really need to blog more, simply because I like to use it as a way to look back on things. My memory is horrible and Kens week off is already getting blurry. *sigh*

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