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Recent Job Hunt

My recent craze in job hunting has lead me to apply for things I’m not even capable of.

I found out UPS was hiring seasonal “Drivers Helpers”, so I applied. But let’s think about this for a moment, the job is from 8am until, possibly, 8pm (with the Holiday season I’m sure that will be an average day). That means I would have to spend around 12 hours lifting boxes, and most of them will certainly be heavy. Oh, and I have a back that likes to give out when I do the fracking dishes for 10 minutes, and I have tennis elbow, it just hurt me the other day when I tried to pick up a heavy book. Not that it actually matters, it’s not like I will ever be a serious thought for the job. If you had a choice between a 40 year old woman or strong collage age guys, working long hours lifting heavy things, who would you hire? I’ll give you a hint: Not me.

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Job Stuff

Sunday I was at the mall and noticed that FYE was hiring, the sign said to apply online, it also said to introduce yourself to the manager before you leave. So I did, then when I went home I applied for the job. I’m hoping talking to someone at the store makes a difference, guess I will find out.

On Monday Ken came home and told me the guy he works for was asking what I do, so Ken told him about the social media stuff, later on he called Ken and said they have a client who needs someone to do that stuff, and wondered if I would like the job. Umm…Yeah! I don’t know what’s going on with that yet,

Speaking of social media, I’ve been trying to update the Facebook & twitter pages more for KLA, and the Women’s Half, it’s proving to be fairly difficult because of a couple of factors (the half is only once a year, and KLA does not have a lot of events happening). I update with some filler stuff, and could probably do more, but then it will become spammy and really doesn’t benefit us much. Anyway, I’ve been able to put in more hours now, which is good because lately I’ve been broke a lot.

I’m hoping this other social media job pulls through, I have no clue how much it will pay, or how many hours I will be putting in, etc, I’ll just be glad for the extra money. I’d like to help out more with the bills (right now I only pay my credit cards and buy groceries) and I think I should be able to make enough to shop around for a cheap health insurance plan. I really need to get to a doctor about my suspected heart condition.

Not much of an update, but this is the most progress I’ve made since I moved out here.

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So far for 2012

Well, there’s not really a whole lot to talk about, other than the fact that Ken got a new job.

He had been coming home more stressed all the time, talking about how he wanted to get out of that office (working for his grandparents). So he stared to put in for some webdesign jobs, a small company, that is partnered up with a bigger company, ended up coming through for him. So after 9 years of working for his grandparents he is having a whole new experience. He’s going on his third week there, and he loves it. That makes me happy for him! I’m glad he found a place where he likes going to work. He has a longer day now, but sometimes things like that are worth it to be able to work in a place you like.

On another work note, I get the feeling that some chick is trying to steal my job. Ken thinks she is asking to work a job that she believes was his (she knows he no longer works at KLA)…But still…Maybe someone should tell her, “We have someone who does the social media.”. Honestly, it’s kind of ticking me off.

I don’t know her, I’ve only just heard of her and all I know is that she’s a reporter, is into running, was hired as a coach for their mini marathon training program, and obviously knows Ken’s grandparents. She also decided, on her own, to start a twitter for the training program. Imagine how surprised I was to log into the work accounts (that I created, because it’s my job) to find out I was being ‘followed’ by our training program…An account I did not create and knew nothing about.

Now she keeps offering to do the Women’s Half Marathon one, she wants in on the facebook pages as well. I created a B2B facebook page before she could (she said she wanted to), and made her an admin. She has no clue who did that, because evidently no one told her about me, she thinks it was Ken. Someone, who actually talks to her, needs to tell her they have someone who does the social media. I have no problem with her updating the B2B stuff, but that’s because she’s a coach for that program. Also, in my opinion, anything to do with social media should be created by me, and I should have access to them because, you know, it’s kinda my job. I managed to get into the B2B twitter account and add the bio, location and website because she decided to leave that vital info off. The only reason I was able to get into it was because her email and password were the exact same thing. I mean…Really? Who does that?

Now for something off topic; Over a month ago I wrote a post about how no one out here in Indy carried Marshmallow Fluff anymore. Then we went to Meijer last night, and guess what we found…MARSHMALLOW FLUFF! I already loved this store, now I love them even more. They are also the only place out here that carries B&M baked beans, and I found some awesome pumpkin spice butter, I have not seen this anywhere else. If you didn’t know, I happen to love everything pumpkin flavored.

Well, time to wrap this up. Looks like I ended up venting a bit about the social media stuff. Oops.

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More Job Search Drama

You would think that in 4 years time I would have been able to find some sort of job, other than the one for Kens grandparents (which is not steady). As I mentioned in my last post, Job Market Sucks, I’m not fussy and have no problem working for minimum wage. I just want a job, and apply for anything I can.

I’ve spent the last month, or more, applying for every single seasonal job there is. I know they are only for a couple of months, but that’s a couple of months of income I wouldn’t have otherwise and would gladly take it. There is also the odd ‘steady’ job that crops up that I also apply for. But a couple of weeks ago I thought, “Finally! I found something I’m sure to get!”. Back home I worked for over 4 years as a “lunch lady”, and actually really loved that job. Well I recently discovered a school food service job open up out here (3 hour a day position), and it wasn’t too far from my house, so I immediately applied. They said they needed someone ASAP, well hey…Here I am! I need a job, and can work ASAP, and I have over 4 years experience. Have I heard anything? Nope. The job is still up, yet for some reason they are not going to hire me? I haven’t called them yet, thinking I will do that next week to see what is up with the position, and let them know I am very interested in it. But in my experience, calling never helps in anyway. I just get to hear verbal rejection, and a lot of times annoyance from them. This makes me wonder why everyone says, “Call them!”. From what I have seen 90% of employers seem to HATE it when I call them. It gets me nowhere. What is the point?

It’s been very discouraging, and stressful, looking for a job, but this made it a thousand times worse. I had assumed that one of the reasons employers were not hiring me was because they had more experienced people applying, so when I apply for something that I have a lot of experience in and still can’t get it, I feel hopeless and depressed.

And of course, this is when things at work slow down so I’m about to go broke. Thankfully Ken just gave me $100 so I could pay my credit cards. Ken buys his own food, and sometimes helps me with what I need, but I usually buy whatever me and Amanda eat, the pet food and necessities (cleaners, etc). I have no clue how I will be buying food next week. Luckily we do have a couple of races coming up at work this month, so I will be making a little money.

Migraine is getting worse, so I guess it’s time to wrap this up. I was hoping that my next blog post would have been about me finally finding a job (the “lunch lady” job), but it seems that hasn’t worked out. I still haven’t given up on it, but I’m also not feeling optimistic.

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Always with the Random

Oh yeah, it’s one of those posts. It’s going to be all over the place. OK, so that’s not much different than all my other posts.

Been really bored lately, which could be fixed if I could find a steady job, plus I’m sick of winter and am looking forward to the Spring. Recent applications I’ve put in: Dunkin Donuts and Panera Bread. I could easily work at either place, if they would give me a chance. But I suspect they are not really hiring, I have a whole other post about that subject; Companies act like they are hiring, but are really only taking applications (I never understand this) and they even make you fill out an annoying ‘test’ at the same time. It’s very frustrating, especially when they make you jump through all those hoops, and for no reason.

Dear Businesses who are “accepting applications”; If you are going to have people fill out an application and then steal an hour or more of their lives just to have them answer your annoying, sometimes repetitive, questions, then please have the decency to actually be hiring. If you are not really hiring then you should pay people for wasting their time with your ridiculous application process.

Now on to other things:

The leak in our roof has gotten worse, but when the weather gets warmer Ken plans on fixing it. But we have water damage in the house and have to fix & repaint the ceiling and the wall because of it. Not fun. Speaking of water damage there is also some on the bathroom wall, not because of a leak, but because there is no tile where tile should be (so now we have peeling paint, water damage and mold). That is another project we should really be taking care of soon. Might be easier to get these things fixed if, oh I don’t know, if maybe I could find a job?!

I’ve been trying to eat better because ever since I moved I picked up a lot of Kens bad habits when it comes to food. He can live off of soda, pizza anything with cheese and all kinds of bad carbs. It doesn’t make me feel good, only problem is I don’t have enough money to buy the foods that I really need (cause you know, I can’t find a job). Ever since I moved I had been looking for a store that carried Joseph’s Pita Bread, with no luck. I used to get one that had whole wheat and stuff it with salad stuff and sometimes tuna etc. I can’t seem to find a decently priced pita bread, that I like, out here. I started to suspect that Joseph’s Pita was another “back home” product, and it kind of is, or was at one time. Supposedly it’s sold all over now, but somehow not in Indy…of course.

I was going to do more babbling, but this post is probably already too long. Now it’s time to watch something on Netflix.

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First Post of 2011

Ken’s birthday was at the end of December and we celebrated it by ordering a pizza from one of our favorite pizza places, Greek’s Pizzaria. We discovered them recently, they are nearby and one of the few places who will deliver to our area, and they turned out to be really good. I made Ken a cake, and I decided to decorate it, which is something I never do because I simply do not have the patience for decorating cakes, but I don’t let that stop me from trying. I got the idea for his cake when we were carving pumpkins for Halloween…

For our New Years meal I made some Chinese food…OK most of the stuff was frozen, but I like things to be easy (and it’s cheaper than ordering out). On the menu; Orange chicken, veggie spring rolls, crab rangoon and fried rice. The only thing I actually made was the fried rice, and I found a really easy, simple recipe for that online.

I’ve been able to get a little work with Ken’s grandparents (which is unusual this time of year); Worked on a facebook and twitter page for a women’s only half-marathon they are working on for the fall, updating the KLA (and women’s marathon) facebook & twitter accounts, finding & downloading music then making playlists for the KLA iPod that they use at events and updating some race calendars, etc. Which brings me to the fact I still can’t find a steady/permanent job.

Guess that’s it for  now, not much happening. But of course there never really is anything happening.

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More Goodies, etc

Recently got a couple more packages from back home, there are 2 boxes of Drakes Apple Pies, this time I actually got to eat some, last time my daughter ate pretty much the whole box. We also got bulk sized items of some stuff; Mac & Cheese, Rice Crispies Treats & Special K cereal bars. 3 boxes of fruit crisps (those are awesome), 4 cans of B&M brown bread (an item I can’t get in Indy) and some Ah-So duck sauce (another item I can’t get in Indy).

Had some paying work for Kens grandparents recently, the money won’t last long but it helps. I have officially run out of jobs to apply for, have been putting in for everything possible, all the seasonal jobs and such…And of course I haven’t heard anything back. This lead to a minor breakdown when we went to Wal-Mart last week, I have applied to them many times, every year (since 2007) for seasonal positions and a couple of times for permanent ones. So we get into the line to check out and I noticed the fairly oldish lady (age isn’t really a big deal, unless they are slow) was being trained, and she was completely CLUELESS, actually beyond clueless, as to what she was doing. Yes, I get it. People need to be trained…But I have been told they were hiring people with x amount of years previous experience in the specific field, obviously a flat out lie. I could feel myself shaking, once we got to the car I broke down and vented, even cried. Why hire her and not me? I can do the job fast, and I can do it without asking brainless questions every second. Like I’ve said in previous posts; 3 years of trying to find a job, and failing for reasons unknown, has taken it’s toll on me.

Well anyway, looking forward to hanging out this weekend with my little family. Going to Borders to read, heading to Dunkin’ to get some hot chocolates and maybe get in some RockBand!

Oh yeah…I was bored with my hair the other day and decided to trim it a bit and dye it, the color is pretty bright, I like it…


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