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Long Overdue for an Update

I do a lot on my geek blogs, one I’m hoping will starting making some money if I can get it going in the proper manner, so I neglect my randomness “Hey, it’s just me” blog.

I’m not even sure where to start, or where I left off, but I did notice my last post was about the fact that I finally have much needed glasses, so there’s that.

Been doing a lot of geeky things this year, well OK, so I’m always doing a lot of geeky things. It’s not like I have “mainstream” interests. But there just seems to be more this year. Since January we’ve been attending monthly Doctor Who screenings, we even won a couple of things at them. I won a DVD of the first episodes ever aired, and Ken won a 4-day GenCon pass. Speaking of GenCon passes, Amanda also won one, through a drawing with a gaming group here in Indy. So that was pretty awesome, an yes, we are attending GenCon this year, planned on doing it anyway. We also applied for press passes, and got approved, so this is awesome. None of us have to pay to attend, and I can cover it as “press”.

We’ve also been chatting with, and meeting up with, other local geek bloggers. That’s been pretty neat, and actually getting to know people out here, who actually have the same interests as me.

Random: I keep getting free things from word of mouth programs, Influenster, BzzAgent, and more. Nothing that has been good for my geek blogs, but stuff that has been very useful for around the house, etc. Fine by me, saves me a little money, and all I have to do in return is blog about it, spread the word on social media, and write a review, etc. Not a big deal, and I’m completely unemployed now anyway. Hence why I’ve been putting so much time into my geek blogs, and hoping they start to make real(ish) money.

I think I will try to keep this blog updated at least once a month, I could do a “month in review” kind of thing.

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Frugality & Job Searching

For some reason, that I can’t figure out, after moving to Indy in 2007 I have not been able to find a permanent job. It’s not because I’m being picky, far from it. I’m putting in for everything, well, at least anything I can do, or think I can do. There’s clearly some limitations, for example; I can’t be an electrician, or any other job that requires skills I simply don’t have, and can’t train for on the job. I’m fine with minimum wage, so it’s not like I’m looking to get a lot of money. I use ‘keywords’ and tailor my resumes for each job, I have called back, I’ve looked into employment agencies (they have nothing for me), etc.

Earlier this year I had some stuff that seemed promising, but it never happened (through no fault of my own). The one job I did have, which was barely even part-time, working for my boyfriends grandparents, is gone. They closed up shop. It may not have been a lot of money, but it was something. This job was also Ken’s ‘extra’ source of income (he worked on their website, and worked races). I’m just glad he found a new job last year, it worked out well.

Because of all the above I have been trying to be very frugal lately, more than I normally am. If Ken and Amanda were not such picky eaters they would be living off ramen. Most of our meals involve pasta and….err…and…more pasta? Well, whatever it is I’ve been feeding them I’m able to keep meal costs down. I’ve pretty much just been getting the basics; Cereal, milk, eggs, bread, lunch meat, pastas, rice, frozen chicken tenders, frozen burger patties, etc. You get the idea. Also doing more shopping at ALDI, it saves me a ton of money, and I have no clue why I stopped shopping there.

Earlier I was going over what’s left of my money, and figured out that I have enough to pay my credit cards for the next 2 months, and enough to for about 3 weeks of groceries. I don’t have much, but I’m going to start digging around to see if I have anything I can sell on craigslist. This sucks. I just want a damn job.

Anyway, no real point to this post, except for trying to get some stuff off my chest, and to say that I am fracking losing my mind.

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So…My House was Egged

Front door 

Typically, I thought, houses are usually egged as a Halloween prank, or when an adult has pisses off some pre-teen, or teenager. Not that those are actually justified reasons to egg a persons house, but you know what I mean. So I am completely baffled at this random act of vandalism. I can only assume I was the target simply because they got a stupid idea in their heads as I happen to walk past them.

Around midnight last night I was out walking my dog, as I rounded a corner I noticed three teens near one of the houses. I thought nothing of them, realizing I have seen them before when I was out on one of my walks, and also when out for rides I’ve seen them playing basketball at that house. One of them doubled back towards the house (they had been walking away from it), and went inside. I thought nothing of it and kept walking, minding my own business, listening to my mp3 player, then noticed they were behind me (not too close), but once again I thought nothing of it, just assumed they were going in the same direction. I get inside my house, then soon heard something hitting my front door and my large front window. I ran out the door, and the kids took off through a neighbors yard across the street.

I went to the house today, the kid (maybe in mid/late teens? I’m bad at guessing ages.) answered the door, played innocent, and claimed his parents were at work. Though I wondered last night if they worked night shift, because there seemed to be no one home when I walked over there after the egging. He also claimed he had no clue when they get home…Yeah…right. So I told him I will stop by later, and I will keep stopping by until I talk to them.

I can only hope the parents are reasonable, and not idiots who will get mad at me for accusing their demon spawn of something they just know he/they would never do. Though I am sure they will noticed a carton of eggs is missing from the fridge.

Lovely view out my front window

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2012 Goals

I don’t bother with “New Years Resolutions” because no one ever holds to those anyway. But I do have some goals, things that I really do need to focus on. The New Year is looked at as a fresh start, and so this is why I decided to think more about my goals.

1. Take better care of my health. Which means eating healthier pretty much all the time and working out more. This is actually pretty important, and not for vain reasons, because I have been having some health problems.

2. Find a steady job. I don’t know what more I can do to find one, but I am determined I will find one this year. I have to catch a break sometime, why not in 2012?

3. Get more involved with the “geek community” in Indy. Make some close friends, which I am lacking out here.

4. Find ways to spend less/save money. Ideas: Cook at home every night (don’t get temped by fast food, which is not good for my health anyway). Do as much of my grocery shopping as I can at Aldi. Things like that.

5. Work with my daughter on getting her GED, we already have an awesome GED prep-guide.

Umm…That’s seems to be all that I can come up with.

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New Sofa

Well, Ken decided to put a new sofa & ottoman on his card, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea because I’m worried about money, but now that we have the new sofa I’m glad he did it! It’s a lot bigger and so much more comfortable than our old one.  Also, I’m able to clean it easier if there is a spill (the old one was horrible to clean, had stains everywhere, etc) and yay, no rips and tears!

The old things no longer match the living room, but that’s OK because we don’t need the coffee table (which we have put in the shed) or end tables, but at some point we do want to get a table that goes behind the couch. We’re also going to get a slip cover for the old red chair, the color no longer matches the room, obviously. As far as the white bookshelf goes I will be painting it some sort of brown. Once all that is done everything will tie in nicely. Oh, and not to be forgotten, we also need to get a few frames for our Lord of the Rings posters and finally get those on the wall.

With the good weather coming up Ken will be going out on to the roof to fix the area where the leak is coming in, then after that is done I will fix the damage inside, repaint the area, etc. I would love to paint the whole living room a different color, but it’s such a big paint project I’m not sure I want to take it on, but I am so sick of looking at these boring walls!

Once it’s all done I can’t wait to take photos of the new look in the living room.

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One of my recent blog posts was about some new things we’re getting/planning on getting because it seems like “everything happens at the same time”. You know, something will break, your furniture starts looking really crappy, etc. Well we have just added to that list, and it’s not like we really have the money for this stuff it’s all going on credit cards and we’re using tax returns. It all started when we realized that our TV was old and not looking so good, so we replaced it. Then a few days after that our water heater busted, replacing, delivery and installation for that set us back over $700 (we get the new one this weekend).

Today, after coming home for lunch Ken was heading back to work and as he tried to open the garage door something suddenly decided to bust. Now the only way to open and close it is to do it manually (at least from the inside). *sigh* Not happy about this at all.

Well, we are going to have to put off getting a new couch, which really disappoints me because our old one has been crappy for a few years. Hmm…This makes me think…

I think it may be a curse. What else can it be? I suspect this curse extends to us as well, it may be the reason I seem to have an ear infection. I think I have even figured out where the curse came from…The Sofa of Doom! It saw that we replaced the old TV, and it knew it was next, so it’s making sure we spend all our money (that we don’t really have) on other things so we can’t afford to replace it! What? I’m not a paranoid nut! This is all making sense now….

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Always with the Random

Oh yeah, it’s one of those posts. It’s going to be all over the place. OK, so that’s not much different than all my other posts.

Been really bored lately, which could be fixed if I could find a steady job, plus I’m sick of winter and am looking forward to the Spring. Recent applications I’ve put in: Dunkin Donuts and Panera Bread. I could easily work at either place, if they would give me a chance. But I suspect they are not really hiring, I have a whole other post about that subject; Companies act like they are hiring, but are really only taking applications (I never understand this) and they even make you fill out an annoying ‘test’ at the same time. It’s very frustrating, especially when they make you jump through all those hoops, and for no reason.

Dear Businesses who are “accepting applications”; If you are going to have people fill out an application and then steal an hour or more of their lives just to have them answer your annoying, sometimes repetitive, questions, then please have the decency to actually be hiring. If you are not really hiring then you should pay people for wasting their time with your ridiculous application process.

Now on to other things:

The leak in our roof has gotten worse, but when the weather gets warmer Ken plans on fixing it. But we have water damage in the house and have to fix & repaint the ceiling and the wall because of it. Not fun. Speaking of water damage there is also some on the bathroom wall, not because of a leak, but because there is no tile where tile should be (so now we have peeling paint, water damage and mold). That is another project we should really be taking care of soon. Might be easier to get these things fixed if, oh I don’t know, if maybe I could find a job?!

I’ve been trying to eat better because ever since I moved I picked up a lot of Kens bad habits when it comes to food. He can live off of soda, pizza anything with cheese and all kinds of bad carbs. It doesn’t make me feel good, only problem is I don’t have enough money to buy the foods that I really need (cause you know, I can’t find a job). Ever since I moved I had been looking for a store that carried Joseph’s Pita Bread, with no luck. I used to get one that had whole wheat and stuff it with salad stuff and sometimes tuna etc. I can’t seem to find a decently priced pita bread, that I like, out here. I started to suspect that Joseph’s Pita was another “back home” product, and it kind of is, or was at one time. Supposedly it’s sold all over now, but somehow not in Indy…of course.

I was going to do more babbling, but this post is probably already too long. Now it’s time to watch something on Netflix.

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