Recent Job Hunt

13 Nov

My recent craze in job hunting has lead me to apply for things I’m not even capable of.

I found out UPS was hiring seasonal “Drivers Helpers”, so I applied. But let’s think about this for a moment, the job is from 8am until, possibly, 8pm (with the Holiday season I’m sure that will be an average day). That means I would have to spend around 12 hours lifting boxes, and most of them will certainly be heavy. Oh, and I have a back that likes to give out when I do the fracking dishes for 10 minutes, and I have tennis elbow, it just hurt me the other day when I tried to pick up a heavy book. Not that it actually matters, it’s not like I will ever be a serious thought for the job. If you had a choice between a 40 year old woman or strong collage age guys, working long hours lifting heavy things, who would you hire? I’ll give you a hint: Not me.

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Posted by on November 13, 2012 in jobs


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