Job Issues

31 Oct

The place I work for is closing down in a few weeks, and it seems to me they think they are still open. First, they asked one of their other contract workers to work on a logo for an event they used to have every February. Why would they want that? The event is clearly not happening anymore.

The next odd thing was an email I received from them about a posting I made over a week ago, on their Women’s Half Marathon facebook page. I posted, what seemed to me, a relevant article from a fitness website, it was a Fall gear guide for women. There were links in the article to various sites, I did not think this would be a problem. Most articles would have links back to the items they are talking about. They linked to national stores, or sites you could order from (like amazon). In the email they sent me they asked that I remove it because, “this is in competition with our sponsor”. This baffled me. I would think that the sponsor in question is no longer a sponsor for a couple of reasons. #1 the race is over, can’t be a sponsor of something they are no longer contributing to. #2 there is not going to be a race next year, at least not put on by the company I work for since they are CLOSING. How are they a sponsor of an event that is not only over, but isn’t even happening next year?

There’s another issue that I have with this whole “sponsor” thing. The company in question is a local business that sells athletic gear, they don’t have a way to order anything online, and they don’t even show any gear on their site. When I first saw their page I thought they were a training place for runners, because that is pretty much the only thing they mention on there. That leads me to my next problem, this Women’s Half had participants from all across the country. A local company, that has nothing on their site, and no way to order online, does not give me any options to post stuff relevant to our followers.

I won’t even get started on the fact that they have my boyfriend working on a site for some race, but they didn’t add in a charge for the website when they told these people they would give them a site. So it’s evidently being done for free. Things like this are the reason they have to close.


(just needed to vent a little about this)

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