My 40th Birthday

10 Jul

On Sunday I turned 40. I don’t feel it, I don’t act it and (thankfully) I don’t look it.

Here I am on my b’day wearing my Bad Wolf tee (which you can’t see)….

Spent the day just hanging out. We went up north, made a stop at a comicbook store where we picked up the second issue of the star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who crossover. Love the image at the end which combines original Trek and the 4th Doctor, my two childhood obsessions…

After that we went to a mall, I mainly wanted to go because they have a Lego store. Then we stopped at a little Japanese store where I picked up some green tea kit kats.

When we got home Ken grilled up some yummy burgers and we had some strawberry cream pie. After watching some Doctor Who with Ken and Amanda I relaxed and did some reading.

It really wasn’t much different than any other day, but it was still nice.

Here’s my birthday loot! BSG Hoodie, Doctor Who lunch box and an awesome plush Amanda made for me (I double heart Doctor Who)…

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