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14 Feb

Sunday I was at the mall and noticed that FYE was hiring, the sign said to apply online, it also said to introduce yourself to the manager before you leave. So I did, then when I went home I applied for the job. I’m hoping talking to someone at the store makes a difference, guess I will find out.

On Monday Ken came home and told me the guy he works for was asking what I do, so Ken told him about the social media stuff, later on he called Ken and said they have a client who needs someone to do that stuff, and wondered if I would like the job. Umm…Yeah! I don’t know what’s going on with that yet,

Speaking of social media, I’ve been trying to update the Facebook & twitter pages more for KLA, and the Women’s Half, it’s proving to be fairly difficult because of a couple of factors (the half is only once a year, and KLA does not have a lot of events happening). I update with some filler stuff, and could probably do more, but then it will become spammy and really doesn’t benefit us much. Anyway, I’ve been able to put in more hours now, which is good because lately I’ve been broke a lot.

I’m hoping this other social media job pulls through, I have no clue how much it will pay, or how many hours I will be putting in, etc, I’ll just be glad for the extra money. I’d like to help out more with the bills (right now I only pay my credit cards and buy groceries) and I think I should be able to make enough to shop around for a cheap health insurance plan. I really need to get to a doctor about my suspected heart condition.

Not much of an update, but this is the most progress I’ve made since I moved out here.

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