Ah-So Sauce

04 Feb

I could not believe my eyes when I went to a Walmart (in Indianapolis) the other day and spotted this…

This is a New England favorite, I’m pretty sure everyone I knew had it in their fridge. From what I understood it was only sold out there, it was not one of the products that went national. But yet, I just found Ah-So Sauce in Indianapolis. I’ve looked for it before, no one carried it…Until now.

You might wonder why this makes me happy. Well, for some reason I’ve always liked the stuff, and when I moved the only way to get it was for my parents to send some out to me (or I could buy it online & pay some crazy price). It’s nice to see some of the products I could so easily get back home, showing up out here.

The only problem is not every store will carry these brands. I have to head to Walmart for Joseph’s Pita Bread & Ah-So Sauce and go to Meijer for Marshmallow Fluff and B&M baked beans. Back home I could get them all in one location, and at pretty much every store. But I’m not really complaining. I just hope they don’t stop selling these products.

This makes me want to go out and buy some pork chops, marinate them in ah-so sauce and serve them up with some B&M baked beans.

Damn. Now I’m hungry.


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2 responses to “Ah-So Sauce

  1. Sheri Kendall

    September 30, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    I’m a displaced Bostonian too (well, a lil south of), and I’m out here in California now. I just went into a Lee’s sandwich shop today. It’s a European Asian place, but imagine my surprise when I ordered the BBQ pork and the second I saw it, I KNEW they used Ah-so on it. That tell tale yummy pink color! First bite and I was craving scorpion bowls and a pu-pu platter.
    I gotta find out where they get it. I”m flying home next week and was going to pick up a couple jars. LOL.
    Pork just isn’t the same without a healthy coating of Ah-so.

    • Spritey

      October 4, 2012 at 8:23 am

      It’s so true, it’s not the same! Pork & ah-so sauce is perfect combination, at least I think so. LOL Unfortunately my local Walmart here in Indy is no longer selling Ah-So sauce. Something tells me that I may have been the only one buying it.

      That is awesome that you found a place out there that makes their sandwiches with ah-so! More people need to use it/carry it, they are missing out!


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