So far for 2012

24 Jan

Well, there’s not really a whole lot to talk about, other than the fact that Ken got a new job.

He had been coming home more stressed all the time, talking about how he wanted to get out of that office (working for his grandparents). So he stared to put in for some webdesign jobs, a small company, that is partnered up with a bigger company, ended up coming through for him. So after 9 years of working for his grandparents he is having a whole new experience. He’s going on his third week there, and he loves it. That makes me happy for him! I’m glad he found a place where he likes going to work. He has a longer day now, but sometimes things like that are worth it to be able to work in a place you like.

On another work note, I get the feeling that some chick is trying to steal my job. Ken thinks she is asking to work a job that she believes was his (she knows he no longer works at KLA)…But still…Maybe someone should tell her, “We have someone who does the social media.”. Honestly, it’s kind of ticking me off.

I don’t know her, I’ve only just heard of her and all I know is that she’s a reporter, is into running, was hired as a coach for their mini marathon training program, and obviously knows Ken’s grandparents. She also decided, on her own, to start a twitter for the training program. Imagine how surprised I was to log into the work accounts (that I created, because it’s my job) to find out I was being ‘followed’ by our training program…An account I did not create and knew nothing about.

Now she keeps offering to do the Women’s Half Marathon one, she wants in on the facebook pages as well. I created a B2B facebook page before she could (she said she wanted to), and made her an admin. She has no clue who did that, because evidently no one told her about me, she thinks it was Ken. Someone, who actually talks to her, needs to tell her they have someone who does the social media. I have no problem with her updating the B2B stuff, but that’s because she’s a coach for that program. Also, in my opinion, anything to do with social media should be created by me, and I should have access to them because, you know, it’s kinda my job. I managed to get into the B2B twitter account and add the bio, location and website because she decided to leave that vital info off. The only reason I was able to get into it was because her email and password were the exact same thing. I mean…Really? Who does that?

Now for something off topic; Over a month ago I wrote a post about how no one out here in Indy carried Marshmallow Fluff anymore. Then we went to Meijer last night, and guess what we found…MARSHMALLOW FLUFF! I already loved this store, now I love them even more. They are also the only place out here that carries B&M baked beans, and I found some awesome pumpkin spice butter, I have not seen this anywhere else. If you didn’t know, I happen to love everything pumpkin flavored.

Well, time to wrap this up. Looks like I ended up venting a bit about the social media stuff. Oops.

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