2012 Goals

02 Jan

I don’t bother with “New Years Resolutions” because no one ever holds to those anyway. But I do have some goals, things that I really do need to focus on. The New Year is looked at as a fresh start, and so this is why I decided to think more about my goals.

1. Take better care of my health. Which means eating healthier pretty much all the time and working out more. This is actually pretty important, and not for vain reasons, because I have been having some health problems.

2. Find a steady job. I don’t know what more I can do to find one, but I am determined I will find one this year. I have to catch a break sometime, why not in 2012?

3. Get more involved with the “geek community” in Indy. Make some close friends, which I am lacking out here.

4. Find ways to spend less/save money. Ideas: Cook at home every night (don’t get temped by fast food, which is not good for my health anyway). Do as much of my grocery shopping as I can at Aldi. Things like that.

5. Work with my daughter on getting her GED, we already have an awesome GED prep-guide.

Umm…That’s seems to be all that I can come up with.

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