Winter Veil

22 Dec

We’ve decided that we celebrate Winter Veil. It’s the seasonal holiday they celebrate in World of Warcraft at this time of year, and since we’re geeks we figured this would suit us just fine. Especially because the religious types want Christmas to be all about Christ and religion, even though it’s really not.

Anyway, since we’re not religious, and a lot of those folks are making such a big deal out of “taking back” Christmas, I decided they can have it. Even though Christians stole the holiday and it’s traditions from Pagans, then called it Christmas and now claim it all as their very own. But that’s beside the point…Evidently.

Almost everything that I love about the season are Pagan traditions; trees, decorations, wreaths, mistletoe, etc. My other favorite things about it are all make believe, like Santa and a certain red-nosed reindeer. Then there’s the food, gifts, pretty lights. You get the idea.

Our Winter Veil celebrations will include:

Thursday: Going downtown to check out the lights, then coming home for some hot chocolate.
Friday: Going to a movie (Sherlock Holmes) and making the Winter Veil feast (ham, baked mac & cheese, corn on cob, dinner rolls and apple pie)
Saturday: Watching Holiday movies, playing some WoW together, and making Candy Cane crunch brownies.
Sunday: Play some RockBand, and just relax.

Yes, it’s a four day event. Why the hell not? 🙂 Next year I also want to give a small, inexpensive, gift on each day.

Happy Winter Veil!

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