Luck Reversing?

07 Dec

In my last post, “One More Thing…” I mentioned how my postal service pretty much sucks, and how my neighbors suck because when they get my mail they don’t make sure it gets to me. But mostly I was bitching about the postal service.

So today I noticed a package sitting on my porch, not where the mail carrier usually leaves it. Looked like it was kind of thrown up there & was it was on the edge of the porch. Typically when the mail carrier delivers a package it’s always right near my door, and he will ring the doorbell. This is obviously not what happened. Then I brought it in the house, started to pull the tape off and noticed it looked like it was re-taped. Hmm.

I suspect one of my neighbors did get my package, not sure why they waited so long to return it to me though (they would have gotten it on Saturday), and they probably accidentally opened it (this is understandable). But at least it was returned. So, yay! Warm flannel sheets!

Maybe other things will start going right now. I hope.

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Posted by on December 7, 2011 in random, Shopping


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