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04 Dec

The last week and a half as been pretty darn annoying for me.

First I went to a Dunkin Donuts, that I have only been to a couple of times, once we got our drinks I remembered why. They suck. I actually like Dunkins, just not this particular location. They water down the drinks seriously bad, and they taste nasty. Undrinkable. I imagine it’s what sewer water would taste like.

On Black Friday I tried to take advantage of a deal from the Kohl’s website. It’s getting cold and I need some warm sweaters, and I figured we could all use flannel sheets (Ken was actually paying, not me, I was just doing the ordering.) so I picked out 3 sweaters, and the sheets (still waiting to get the sheets). Got the sweaters, but the order was completely messed up. I did get 3 sweaters, but they were the wrong ones, and all the wrong sizes. That’s what I get for ordering from a place that used Rebecca Blacks “Friday” song in their Black Friday ads.

Next deal I tried to take advantage of was free shipping at ThinkGeek, I was buying Ken a gift, a TARDIS mug. Well it came in, and the handle was broken off. Annoying, but not really a big deal because ThinkGeek is really good with shipping out a new replacement. Unfortunately the mug, that I had just ordered 2 days before, was now out of stock.

I have at least one more paycheck coming in this month, should have gotten it earlier this week. Unfortunately they don’t have the funds to pay us right now. I know they will, but yeah…Just kinda adds to my problems. And because of this it looks like Ken will be paying my credit cards, again (or one of them). I went grocery shopping at the start of the week, thinking I was getting my paycheck the next day, so I basically spent some of the money that would have paid for my credit cards. My parents had sent me a check recently which helped a lot, but yeah…was still depending on the income. I’m not completely broke, just don’t have enough to cover both of my cards.

Last, but not least, as my last post mentioned, I discovered that stores in Indiana are no longer selling Marshmallow Fluff. I was craving a fluffernutter, and wanted to put some fluff in my hot chocolate too. Comfort food, it was supposed to make me feel better. *sigh*

At least we had a good day Saturday. Ordered a pizza and watched “Serenity” with Ken and Amanda. Nothing went wrong.  Yay!

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