Where’s all the Fluff gone?

03 Dec

It’s gone. No where to be found in Indiana anymore. How can I have fluffernutters without fluff? Before you say it, marshmallow creme will not do. They are called FLUFFernutters for a reason. It’s also awesome in hot chocolate. Besides, I am from New England and we only use Marshmallow Fluff, because it’s the best. Stores back home do not even sell that other junk, no one wants it, and it’s against the law out there. What? I’m not making that up! …Stop looking at me like that.

Seriously, this sucks. No B&M brown bread, no Ah-So Sauce, and now no Fluff!? Why do you hate me, Indiana? Why?!

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Posted by on December 3, 2011 in Food


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