More Job Search Drama

06 Nov

You would think that in 4 years time I would have been able to find some sort of job, other than the one for Kens grandparents (which is not steady). As I mentioned in my last post, Job Market Sucks, I’m not fussy and have no problem working for minimum wage. I just want a job, and apply for anything I can.

I’ve spent the last month, or more, applying for every single seasonal job there is. I know they are only for a couple of months, but that’s a couple of months of income I wouldn’t have otherwise and would gladly take it. There is also the odd ‘steady’ job that crops up that I also apply for. But a couple of weeks ago I thought, “Finally! I found something I’m sure to get!”. Back home I worked for over 4 years as a “lunch lady”, and actually really loved that job. Well I recently discovered a school food service job open up out here (3 hour a day position), and it wasn’t too far from my house, so I immediately applied. They said they needed someone ASAP, well hey…Here I am! I need a job, and can work ASAP, and I have over 4 years experience. Have I heard anything? Nope. The job is still up, yet for some reason they are not going to hire me? I haven’t called them yet, thinking I will do that next week to see what is up with the position, and let them know I am very interested in it. But in my experience, calling never helps in anyway. I just get to hear verbal rejection, and a lot of times annoyance from them. This makes me wonder why everyone says, “Call them!”. From what I have seen 90% of employers seem to HATE it when I call them. It gets me nowhere. What is the point?

It’s been very discouraging, and stressful, looking for a job, but this made it a thousand times worse. I had assumed that one of the reasons employers were not hiring me was because they had more experienced people applying, so when I apply for something that I have a lot of experience in and still can’t get it, I feel hopeless and depressed.

And of course, this is when things at work slow down so I’m about to go broke. Thankfully Ken just gave me $100 so I could pay my credit cards. Ken buys his own food, and sometimes helps me with what I need, but I usually buy whatever me and Amanda eat, the pet food and necessities (cleaners, etc). I have no clue how I will be buying food next week. Luckily we do have a couple of races coming up at work this month, so I will be making a little money.

Migraine is getting worse, so I guess it’s time to wrap this up. I was hoping that my next blog post would have been about me finally finding a job (the “lunch lady” job), but it seems that hasn’t worked out. I still haven’t given up on it, but I’m also not feeling optimistic.

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