Job Market Sucks

17 Oct

Just thought I would point that out.

I’m not fussy, I apply for anything I can; fast food, retail, office positions, entry level stuff and anything that is ‘willing to train’ and I have no problem working for minimum wage. I tailor my resume to fit each place, I’ve had to alter my previous income so they won’t think I want too much money, etc. I’ve called back, looked into temp agencies, etc. Yet, no one will hire me. It might have something to do with the fact there are not a lot of jobs available, and that for every job I apply for there’s at least 50, or more, people applying to it as well.

I have even thought about going back to school, but I can’t afford it. And going back to school would not guarantee me a job, even if I took up something that there was a (so-called) high demand for. I already know what I would face with that, they would simply hire the other people who are actually experienced in the field, because they are unemployed too. And honestly, they’re the ones I would hire. Seriously, if you have a company, there is one position available, and 50 people apply, out of all those people they will go for whoever is the most qualified/has the most experience. I can’t really blame them for choosing those people, but where have all the damn jobs gone?!

The economy and job market are seriously messed up, and sometimes it feels like no one wants to fix it. I’m tired of the people out there (who all seem to be conservatives) with the attitude of: “Oh, you’re unemployed? You must just be lazy and not trying hard enough and are only looking for a handout.” Those people are completely clueless. They have no idea how much time and energy is spent on trying to find a job, or how stressed we are, and how badly we want to work.

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