Places to Hang

13 Aug

It’s pretty depressing not having places to hang out at. Soon after I moved out here I found a ‘comfort zone’ when we started going to hang out at Borders (always hung out at Borders back home too) and Comic Carnival, usually hitting Dunkin Donuts on the way home. They were all in the same area, and not a great distance from where we live, so it was nice, but now the comic book store is gone and Borders is pretty much gone. And even though Borders is still there (for now) it’s not a place to hang out at anymore with all the “going out of business” stuff happening.

A couple years ago there was also a little coffe shop we liked, Ken went there more than I did though because he would meet up with a group of other designers, then that place had to close down and Ken lost his hang out. That sucked for him, and I would have liked to have gone more, it had a nice comfy vibe in there. That was also another place that wasn’t far away from us.

So I have been trying to figure out a new hang out spot, and it has to be close by. That leaves downtown out, there doesn’t seem to be many bookstores around anywhere, and we checked out another comic book store but we weren’t happy with it. We liked ‘ours’ and the friendly people who worked there. I want to find an area like we used to go to, with everything near each other, close to where we live, and not crazy busy with people everywhere. But the search is not going so well.

The only place that I keep coming back to is Barnes and Nobles, which is off the mall. Main problem with that…The mall. We always go out on Friday, which means the mall, and B&N are packed. I hate crowds. Maybe if we leave earlier we can hang out before people swarm it. Going there will also give me an opportunity to hit up the Christmas Tree Shops every now and then, and we can look around Best Buy (which is right nearby) browsing all the stuff we can’t afford, but still like looking at anyways. And I’m sure we can swing by a Dunkin on the way home, assuming it’s not out of the way.

We’re weirdo geeks, so we look for geeky places to hang out at. We don’t really like bars or a lot of people, so that will never work. Hence why I am looking for book and comic book stores.

Well, for now I guess ‘The Mall Area’ will be the plan until we can come up with something else.

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