Week Off

23 Jul

Ken had a week off (July 4th – 11th), we didn’t do much, just a lot of relaxing and hanging out.

We had a cookout on the 4th, watched some Supernatural (a favorite for all of us) and also watched How to Train Your Dragon (in 3D). Once it got dark we went outside to shoot off some fireworks, I originally mentioned going to his grandparents to shoot some off as well, but I started off the week not feeling too well so that got canceled. But we still had a fun & relaxing day, even if I was sick.

Later in the week (Thursday?) we went downtown because it’s one of my favorite areas, since it’s more lively than where we live. We hung out in the mall a bit, Amanda was happy because she was able to find a plushie, Pikachu backpack that she wanted. Then we went for a little walk and headed to Borders, only to find out it was closed (for good). That bummed me out because I wanted to hang out in there a bit. So we went to the next stop we planned on, Dunkin Donuts, grabbed a bite to eat and had some coolattas. We had no idea what else to do because those were our usual stops, so we ended up cutting it short and going home. On the way back we stopped to get pizza at Enzos, one of my favorite places.

Borders being closed reminded me of the fact that it seems everywhere I hang out has places that I like closing down. The week before we went to the area we usually have our “geek dates” only to find out that our favorite comic book store was all empty & closed down. Now this week the Borders that is in that same area is going out of business (like all Borders). So we can no longer enjoy that area. Quiet disappointing. From now on I think we will go to the mall which has a Barnes and Nobles attached. Plus BestBuy and Christmas Tree Shops are also nearby, so that could turn out well.

My 39th birthday was on Friday the 8th, we went out to have a late breakfast at Bob Evans (I LOVE breakfast foods) and we watched some Supernatural. Also had a strawberry cream pie, which was very yummy. Recently Ken bought me an early b’day present, a bike (a cheap one I picked out at Walmart heh). I wanted one mainly for exercise, I can’t really go anywhere on it because of the area we live in there are busy roads, no sidewalks, too much grassy/muddy areas. The only “safe” areas to ride around in are around the neighborhood.

Other stuff: Been working on getting the mold out of the house, got all the mold gear I needed (spray, gloves, protective eye wear, mask, DampRid) then I started to tackle the areas that needed tackling. And a few weeks ago we borrowed a power washer from Kens grandparents because our patio is a mess, mildew, etc. We haven’t finished it yet, but the results look pretty neat…

Before and After results of the deck

I really need to blog more, simply because I like to use it as a way to look back on things. My memory is horrible and Kens week off is already getting blurry. *sigh*

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