Health Problems

21 Jun

Had a bit of a scare this past weekend that at first I dismissed as “nothing”, probably because the alternative is scary, and then there’s the fact that I have no job, no insurance and no money.

It started when I went to pick something up and when I bent over, just slightly, I got this sudden sharp pain in my chest. I straightened myself out then a few seconds later it seemed to go away, so I tried to bend over again, another sudden shot of pain. That time it didn’t go away, I’m not sure how long it lasted but I was in pain for awhile, if I had to guess I’d say it lasted 20 minutes. Even after it stopped I still had some pain when I moved certain ways, I was also nauseous, had trouble breating and felt sleepy.

I probably should have gone to the ER, Ken wanted to take me, but I was worried about money, and simply thought it was nothing. Since it’s suspected that it’s heart related I’ve decided to completely alter what I eat so it’s all ‘heart healthy’. I ate somewhat healthy before, but not always, and I didn’t focus on ‘heart healthy’ stuff, like salmon, etc. It’s not a fix, but it will help a little (according to what I’ve been reading). The next time I start getting any pain, or even feel “wrong”, I will be heading to the ER. I’ve also been looking into some sort of health insurance, but it seems that I can’t afford any. And since no one wants to hire me I can’t get any through a job.

At some point I know I will need to see a doctor, or simply go to an ER, it’s going to be unavoidable. But this is freaking me out and I just wish the problem could go away on it’s own. I just wish I could get health insurance.

So screw all you assholes who are against health care reform and want those of us who can’t find a job and can’t afford insurance to die. Because really, that’s what you’re saying you want. And screw you Indiana for not having a system for people in my situation, like MassHealth, that they had back home.


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