We Believed

19 Jun

The Boston Bruins are Stanley Cup Champs. THE BOSTON BRUINS ARE STANLEY CUP CHAMPS!!!

Yuki – resting on my Bobby Orr jersey during Game 7

I don’t get hockey out here much, Indy doesn’t have an NHL team so I don’t get a chance to see my B’s play live, and rarely see them on TV because I have to wait until Versus decides to play a Bruins game. When the playoffs came along I finally started to get a regular dose of my boys in the black and gold. There was something about them, something said “These guys are champs.” I could feel it, I dared not actually say it out loud though, for superstitious reasons. Once it was down to the final 2 teams it seemed like everyone said that the Canucks would be the winners, even people who hated them. They said that the Canucks are the more skilled team, and they threw around statistics, etc. Their fans were ridiculously obnoxious about it, and the team acted as though they were entitled. Everyone seemed to think that way, well, everyone except us dedicated Bruins fans. We knew our boys were going to bring the Cup home. We believed. They delivered.

In the end the Hockey Gods had spoken, the Canucks, and their fans, did not deserve the Stanley Cup. The Bruins were better than those dirty playing, dive taking whiny boys in Vancouver. They even beat them in an away game, the Bruins were in Vancouver’s house and, not only did they win, they shut them out, Bergeron even got a short handed goal. The B’s worked hard, they played with heart & guts, they played the game how it should be played, they respected the game and now after 39 years they are once again Stanley Cup Champs.

Even though I am pretty much broke I will be getting a championship T-Shirt (saw a couple I liked online at the NHLShop) and I have to get the next issue of Sports Illustrated, which will be epic because it will have Tim Thomas on the cover. A must frame. I can’t help but wonder what kind of things, magazines, etc there will be in the stores back home, I know I won’t find anything out here. Indy is not a hockey town, and I’m pretty sure that they don’t care about Boston sports teams. Which is really too bad.

Showing some love for my Bruins during the playoffs

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