It Ain’t Pretty

07 Jun

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That’s right. It’s the most boring looking bento you have ever seen. There’s a couple of reasons for this; It was packed for my daughter, and she is very ‘simple’ in what she likes for food. So all that’s there are plain rice balls (made with molds) and Tonkatsu (she didn’t even use sauce with it…such a shame, the sauce really ‘makes’ it). Then of course there’s the fact that it takes patience to make a nice looking bento, I don’t have that…And besides, it’s just gonna get eaten. So the result is a boring, but still yummy, bento.

I occasionally cook Japanese foods, and recently decided to expand that into other cultures by starting an “International Food Night” once a month. Will probably start that next month.

One of the other Japanese meals that I made, which was fun to make and really good, was okonomiyaki…

It was pretty much a veggie oknomiyaki, except there was bacon on top. Bacon is awesome.

And below is a photo of my plate of tonkatsu, and my lame rice ball. I would have had some cabbage (which tonkatsu is usually served with) but since I’m the only one who would have eaten it I didn’t bother. At least I had tonkatsu sauce. Yum.

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