30 May

Out late the other night, just driving around, we decided to stop at a local grocery store, Meijer (it’s kind of like wal-mart, but better). I went in to get some rice and eggs, but as usual I got a few extra things. Wandering around the store I ended up in the International foods isle, there were a few things that I wanted to try, but just settled on some sweet treats from Germany; they were chocolate covered with fruit flavored filling (I got strawberry and orange). They were so good, I will be getting them again!

Back to wandering around I discovered that Meijer sells B&M baked beans (only one kind, the ‘original’ in glass jar, and they don’t have brown bread). I was surprised to see that because it’s actually kind of rare to see B&M brand anywhere other than New England (even though it’s supposedly nationwide), so of course I had to buy some. I still have some brown bread left so I am looking forward to having it with the B&M baked beans!

I’m thinking I might do my shopping there more often, I like the store and they have decent prices.

Ken took us out to see “Thor” recently, we all loved it. We also want to go see the new “Pirates” movie. With one of his cards he can get tickets “buy 1 get 1 free” on Fridays. Obviously cool, cause movies are kind of expensive.

Went to Dunkin Donuts the other day and got some free donuts! We ordered our drinks, and a couple of glazed donuts, then they asked if we wanted a 1/2 dozen free random donuts. Umm…Yeah? Did they even need to ask? Who would refuse free donuts?!

Being happy about free donuts and finding B&M baked beans in Indy, that’s about it. Yeah, I know you’re jealous of the exciting life I lead.

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