From Massachusetts

19 May

I realized that a couple of places “followed” me after I moved to Indy…

Dunkin’ Donuts, which is known as a national chain (though they are not located in every state), but they originally got their start in Massachusetts. And unlike other states, you will find them, literally, all over the place back in New England. When I moved to Indy there were none. Then suddenly, shortly after I moved out here, 3 of them cropped up. None of them are located right near me, but that’s OK, at least they are out here now. There is only one out of the 3 that is not too convenient, it’s located downtown. The other two locations are sort of close by, one of them is even near where we usually go out on our ‘Geek Dates’. That was how I found out they were being built, we were out on a date and I saw when it was going up.

Christmas Tree Shops They are mostly located in Massachusetts and through out the New England area, but have started to branch out into other states and thankfully one of those states was Indiana and just a couple years ago we got one here in Indy. I remember we were at Barnes and Noble one day and I looked over across the road and saw it, “The Christmas Tree Shops”, I was thrilled! I love going there, and now that it’s been brought up I feel like heading over this very minute.

Now all I need is a Papa Ginos.

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