Get out of my head!

11 May

It happens to everyone. Suddenly you have a song stuck in your head, sometimes it’s the last thing you heard on the radio, and sometimes you have no clue how it got there. But there it is, playing over and over and over. I suspect it’s some sort of game our brains play with us, or maybe it’s trying to send us a message.

It’s going on 3 days now that I have had a TV show theme song stuck in my head. There is no sane, rational reason for it. Anytime my brain is not focused on something else, this theme song makes its mysterious appearance…

I thought listening to it would make it go away, but it hasn’t. Instead I suddenly have an urge to watch “Charles in Charge”. Thanks brain. I knew you were evil, but seriously?

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Posted by on May 11, 2011 in Geek Things, Silly


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