Boston Annoyathon

18 Apr

Evidently today is the day for the Boston marathon. I only know this because when I logged onto my facebook account half my friends who live in Boston were complaining about how it was causing them problems with getting to work, or other places. I’ve never been interested in the marathon, sometimes I found it flat out annoying…especially when I was a kid and it was on TV where my cartoons should have been. 😉

Back home there are a lot of us who find the marathon annoying, for a few reasons; traffic problems, crowds, etc. The only ones I know who do not find it annoying are runners or people who actually know someone running in it, and sometimes even then they still (secretly) think it’s a pain in the ass. Of course there are those who have a weird sense of pride that this overrated, well-known marathon is located in Boston. I don’t see the appeal.

And now, unfortunately, the marathon brings to mind one of the many weird conversations I’ve had with Ken’s mom:

We were at a cookout for Kens grandparents anniversary, it started off with his mom saying, “You’re late. You guys are always late for everything, like that time at the aquarium.” We just shrugged it off, but this comment made no sense to either of us. Anytime we went to a family get-together we were always on time, and the time at the aquarium we were even there BEFORE them (we went to see a dolphin show). But granted, this time we were technically late, because I wanted to be. We were asked to get there a 1/2 hour before his grandparents. I saw no reason to this, and I could clearly envision the many ways Kens mom would torture me during that time. For the record, we made sure to show up well before his grandparents, so I have no clue what the big deal was. I went straight to where Eric (Kens cousin) and his girlfriend were sitting, and my plan worked perfectly. I was able to talk to them, and avoid Kens mom.

Once we were outside Kens mom sat across from me, at one point I remember her asking me, “Have you always been a geek, and into geeky things, or are you only like that because of Ken?” This confused me, and I didn’t answer right away because I found it to be an odd question, especially in the way/tone she asked it. Eric spoke up before me and said, “Yeah, she’s always been that way.”. I spent most of my time trying to talk to other people so I could avoid ‘crazy mom’. Eventually Eric and his girlfriend left because they had other plans (wish I had thought of that). I was jealous of them.

OK here it comes…
Kens mom asked me, “Have you ever watched the Boston marathon?” I answered, “No. I never had an interest in it. The only way I ever saw it was on TV when I was a kid.” (that was the time I was pissed my cartoons weren’t on lol). She stared at me as if absolutely perplexed by what I had said, then started to talk to me as if I was stupid and hadn’t understood her question, “Well. Uh, I mean…Have you ever actually gone to see it? In person?” still looking at me with that confused look, I answer, again, “Umm…Nnnooo…?”. She still sat there completely baffled, I don’t get what was going on in her mind. I clearly answered her question, both times. I get why she asked, I’m from that area and she is into running. But why was my answer so hard for her to grasp? Did she actually not consider it an option that I might not have ever seen the marathon? I don’t exactly find it entertaining to watch a bunch of people running (and she knows that). Snoozefest.

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