New Sofa

11 Apr

Well, Ken decided to put a new sofa & ottoman on his card, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea because I’m worried about money, but now that we have the new sofa I’m glad he did it! It’s a lot bigger and so much more comfortable than our old one.  Also, I’m able to clean it easier if there is a spill (the old one was horrible to clean, had stains everywhere, etc) and yay, no rips and tears!

The old things no longer match the living room, but that’s OK because we don’t need the coffee table (which we have put in the shed) or end tables, but at some point we do want to get a table that goes behind the couch. We’re also going to get a slip cover for the old red chair, the color no longer matches the room, obviously. As far as the white bookshelf goes I will be painting it some sort of brown. Once all that is done everything will tie in nicely. Oh, and not to be forgotten, we also need to get a few frames for our Lord of the Rings posters and finally get those on the wall.

With the good weather coming up Ken will be going out on to the roof to fix the area where the leak is coming in, then after that is done I will fix the damage inside, repaint the area, etc. I would love to paint the whole living room a different color, but it’s such a big paint project I’m not sure I want to take it on, but I am so sick of looking at these boring walls!

Once it’s all done I can’t wait to take photos of the new look in the living room.

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Posted by on April 11, 2011 in Home Life, Shopping


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