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04 Apr

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While we were out looking for stuff we need to take care of some things around the house, I decided to stop at Christmas Tree Shops to see what they had. I love it there because it’s one of those stores where you never know what you may find, and they are cheap. Once inside I usually head over to where they have food items because you can usually find some snacks at this store that you can’t find in other stores. I was specifically looking for some kind of cookie because whenever I have tea or coffee I usually like to have a cookie to go along with it. I ended up with a couple of interesting finds, cookie products from England, Canada and Turkey.

Pure Chocolate Whippet – These are my favorite! Thin coating of dark chocolate over a light fluffy marshmallow like filling, with just the right touch of raspberry filling on top of a thin cookie wafer (they also come without the raspberry filling). These just melt in your mouth and are simply yummy. I don’t usually like dark chocolate, but the flavor does not over power so I found it quite nice. If you see these you have to try them!

Maple Leaf Creme cookies – Lovely maple syrup smell when I opened them, and they were quite yummy. Goes well with tea or coffee, I would buy them again. (They are the same brand as the Whippets)

Bonita Cookie – Cookie bar layered with caramel, chocolate and topped off with m&m style candy. Sounds better than it tastes, I wasn’t thrilled with it, but Amanda liked it. No big loss, it was only $1 for a box of 5, and I will just give the rest to Amanda. (had a hard time tracking this product down online)

Toggi Fine European Chocolate Wafers – Similar to a kit kat, they are bigger and the taste is a little different. I liked them, not sure how to describe the difference between them and kit kats though.

Jaffa Cakes – A similar product can be found in most stores in the states (but those ones are actually a bit more expensive). It has a sponge cake base topped with a bit of orange filling and layered with chocolate. I really liked them, goes well with some tea.

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