Free 3D glasses!

31 Mar

The TV we got recently is a 3D TV, but we have not been able to enjoy it that way because it didn’t come with a glasses bundle like some of them do, and because the glasses cost so much we had no desire to buy them. But when Ken was buying the TV the Best Buy people told him that if they started to bundle that TV with the glasses, within the month, then he could come back in and get them. I doubted it would happen, just figured our luck was not that good, I was wrong. We went in today and got our FREE 3D glasses (2 pairs), evidently if we were to buy them they would have cost $130 each. Free is much, much better. While we were there we saw that the new Disney movie, “Tangled” (BluRay 3D) was there on sale for $25 so we ended up getting it. What use are 3D glasses if you have nothing to test them with? 😉 Well, we all enjoyed the movie, and it looks awesome in 3D!

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Posted by on March 31, 2011 in Geek Things


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