Noms, and various things

30 Mar

Ok, so I had trouble with the subject of the blog. lol I got another package of goodies from my parents (thanks!), filled with stuff I can’t get out here (some things are not in the picture). I seriously missed Joseph’s Pita bread and Cains Mayo, it’s not that I can’t find pita bread and mayo out here (obviously), I just like those ones better than what I’ve found here. Hot dog pita, that’s either something new or I’ve just somehow never seen it before. I like that idea, I’d rather use pita than doughy rolls, etc, for anything I would make a sandwich out of, so why not hot dogs, and such? Random thought of the moment: I just got a sudden craving for a BLT, but I don’t have any bacon (mmm bacon), lettuce or tomatoes…Damn. Must go shopping tomorrow.

We were at Kohl’s picking up a few things we needed (salt for the water softener, filters for our vent thingy, etc) and I spotted some things I wanted for my bathroom, but won’t get (mainly because I don’t want to spend the money). Sure, it was meant for kids…But it was MONKEYS and they were AWESOME! See for yourself…

You know you want them now too!

Since we have no events at work this weekend, or actually anytime soon (ack!), I will have to ‘force’ Ken to take me to Home Depot (or where ever) so I can pick up some stuff I need to get rid of the mold, I also want to get some other stuff for the bathroom. Might have to order the tiles I want, not sure. I want to get something that is peel and stick so it will make the job a lot easier. Not looking forward to the project in the living room, the water damaged walls are going to be a pain to fix mainly because this whole house has textured walls which are a pain to paint, and of course the ceiling has that damn ‘popcorn’ texture. Ugh. So annoying.

Below is a picture of the water damaged ceiling & wall in our living room, looks worse in person…The paint on the wall is all bubbled out, kinda looks like it’s melting off, some of the ceiling paint has fallen off and there is discoloration…

Click to see more detail

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