To Do List

25 Mar

I’ve decided we need to do certain things right away because I am tired of waiting on those things…Ken’s priorities are a little messed up, the new TV should not have been the first thing we got lol (yes, we needed to get one eventually, but still).

If I had a steady job this stuff would have been taken care of already…

Mold. It must go. This is a problem that should have been taken care of a long time ago. And thanks to our water heater dumping out water all over our laundry room floor we are developing a mold problem under the floor in there (it’s starting to smell funky), then of course there is the bathroom to take care of. Plus little areas all over the house.

Bathroom. We need to put up tile around the top of the shower (after we fix the above mentioned mold problem). I also want to replace the toilet seats in both bathrooms.

Living Room. We need to fix the leak in the roof outside first, then repair and repaint the ceiling and wall above the fire place where it leaked in. Water damage. yay. This is another room I’m sure has a mold problem.

Back door. The handle has needed to be replaced ever since we moved in, it’s not even an expensive project, yet it hasn’t been done. I am TIRED of opening and closing the door in an awkward/annoying way all the time. I want an actual handle on the damn thing!

I also promised to get Amanda a new mattress, hers is horrible and uncomfortable. So I’m taking some of my tax returns and putting $150 on that (and I want to get it soon!).

I think we will take a trip to Home Depot, and whatever other home improvement stores there are out here, this weekend.

I wish we could install the water heater ourselves, but doing that type of stuff makes me nervous and I want to make sure it’s done properly. We recently fixed our shower handle and we also just fixed the garage door the other day, which suddenly busted. Ken fixed it (this shocked me lol), had to spend $150+ on a new  garage door opener and he was able to install it.

Ken installing the new garage door opener.

I think we need to put off buying a new sofa, but Ken is insisting we get a new one. If I had my way I would just get slipcovers for the sofa and chair to cover up the ugliness. Doing that would cost, maybe, about $180, a whole new sofa set would cost over $1000. Ken said we can put it on credit, but that just means more bills. I might have agreed with him if we didn’t just buy a water heater, and a garage door opener (2 things we didn’t expect to replace and together they set us back about $900). He also figures since it’s that time of year when we get more races, then we have “extra” money (but we really don’t, cause it will slow down again, then what?).

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