Products not in Indy

23 Mar

I’m up late with an ear ache (it seriously hurts)  and of course I was bored so I ended up making a list of food products that I can’t find in Indianapolis, but that I could find in most places back home in Massachusetts. All of these products originated in New England, though some of them are now being sold in other states (but obviously not Indiana).

Joseph’s Pita Bread I’ve heard this is supposed to be available out here (and other states), but if it is I can’t seem to find it. I used to LOVE this pita bread (usually got the wheat), very soft and tastes great.

B&M Brown Bread Another product that is usually available in other states (well the raisin one anyway, which I don’t buy), but again, I can’t find it in Indy. And obviously I can’t find any of their other products out here either. Love to have it smeared with butter and served with franks and beans.

Wise Potato Chips I think these chips are only sold along the East Coast.

Prince Spaghetti Started in Bostons North End, became a New England tradition. Not sure if it’s sold anywhere else, but I know it’s not out here.Remember: Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day!

Ah-So Sauce Pretty sure this is only available in New England. Love this stuff. They are the only ones who I can find that make the sauce for Chinese style pork and chicken (the pink sauce), I also like the Duck sauce to marinade meats and to use for dipping egg rolls, etc (it’s ‘New England’ style duck sauce and a different color than what most are used to, it’s kind of brownish)

Ellio’s Pizza Not the greatest product in the world, but it’s OK to have on hand. Evidently it’s mostly just available in New England, but also in a few other states (like Florida), but it’s obviously not in Indy.

Drake’s Snack Cakes Only found in New England, they were bought out by Hostess but they still make their products separate and still uses the Drakes name, and they are the only ones who make Devil Dogs, and I think Funny Bones too (and Sunny Doodles and Yankee Doodles?).

Peggy Lawton Cookies Only found in New England. I remember buying these on a whim when standing in line at the grocery store, and when I was in Junior High and would stop at a local convenience store on the way to school. Always got Butter Crunch and Fudge Brownie.

Cains Mayonnaise This was the mayo I usually got (light one), and could not figure out why I never found it out here…Then I just recently looked it up online…Another New England product. *sigh* I’m pretty sure it’s not available anywhere else.

Poland Spring Water It’s pretty obvious I would not find this water out here, because spring water is always bottled from a location nearby. But this was the water I liked to buy, out here the spring water isn’t so good. The worst is the water from Michigan. Eww. Yeah, I can tell the difference with water, it really can taste different.

Mary Janes OK, technically I can find this in Indy, but it’s only at K-Mart which I never really get to (it’s not exactly the closest place to me when I go shopping). I wish  more places carried it out here, found it most places back home.

I think that’s about it, though I do feel like I forgot to mention a few things. It seems like I can’t find anything special out here, just store brand foods and national products that you can get anywhere. How boring. 😉

Dammit! this post has made me hungry! I should know better than to blog about food. OK, it’s almost 4am and my ear doesn’t hurt as much now (used ear ache drops and aspirin) so I think it’s time I try and get some sleep.

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