23 Mar

One of my recent blog posts was about some new things we’re getting/planning on getting because it seems like “everything happens at the same time”. You know, something will break, your furniture starts looking really crappy, etc. Well we have just added to that list, and it’s not like we really have the money for this stuff it’s all going on credit cards and we’re using tax returns. It all started when we realized that our TV was old and not looking so good, so we replaced it. Then a few days after that our water heater busted, replacing, delivery and installation for that set us back over $700 (we get the new one this weekend).

Today, after coming home for lunch Ken was heading back to work and as he tried to open the garage door something suddenly decided to bust. Now the only way to open and close it is to do it manually (at least from the inside). *sigh* Not happy about this at all.

Well, we are going to have to put off getting a new couch, which really disappoints me because our old one has been crappy for a few years. Hmm…This makes me think…

I think it may be a curse. What else can it be? I suspect this curse extends to us as well, it may be the reason I seem to have an ear infection. I think I have even figured out where the curse came from…The Sofa of Doom! It saw that we replaced the old TV, and it knew it was next, so it’s making sure we spend all our money (that we don’t really have) on other things so we can’t afford to replace it! What? I’m not a paranoid nut! This is all making sense now….

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Posted by on March 23, 2011 in Home Life, Home Repair


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