New Things

21 Mar

You would think we had money, but we really don’t (heck, I don’t even have a permanent job). Why would you think we have money? Because everything happens at one time and we end up replacing things (using credit cards and tax returns) as if we actually had money to spend.

First: Our 50 something inch TV was looking pretty crappy. But we couldn’t just replace it with anything, nope. That would be silly, we’re geeks after all. So Ken got a really nice 60″ TV (on Best Buy credit). We never really splurge on anything, so he figured, “Why not?”. This also led to us getting cable temporarily, Best Buy had a Comcast guy there who gave him a deal for 6 months, we’re only spending about $15 a month on cable for that time (then of course we will cancel, again. lol)

Second: Our water heater started leaking all over the place early this morning. It’s pretty old and I figure if we get it “fixed” we will just eventually end up having more problems, and spending more money in the long run. Better to get a new one now, the money for that comes out of Kens tax returns.

Third: Our couch, which is pretty old, has had it. I’ve been wanting to replace it for a couple of years now. Suddenly this year Ken decides would be a good time. Not sure where that money is coming from, maybe a credit card or his tax returns? We planned on getting a new one before the water heater broke, I want to put it off, but Ken said we can still do it. *shrug*

Here’s a link to the type of couch I want to get: ValueCityFuniture¬†sofa Only problem is I would also like to/need to get the matching chair and ottoman and that’s what starts raising the cost up and I don’t want to spend that much money, especially when we have other stuff to take care of.

If we had replaced the couch last year, or the year before, things might not seem so bad. But with all this stuff being replaced at one time…It freaks me out.

Oh, and here it is our new TV:

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