07 Mar

I get migraines, normally I’d get them a couple of times a week but lately I’ve had them everyday. They are mostly “tolerable”, other times…not so much. If you have never had a migraine consider yourself lucky, I have been getting them for over 15 years and they can get bad. The really bad ones can make you physically ill; I have thrown up, the room will be spinning (even if I am simply laying down, being still) which obviously makes me feel nauseous, I can’t take any noise at all (everything seems louder than it actually is), can’t take any light so I need to be in the dark and my head feels like it is going to literally explode, it hurts so bad I actually end up crying. Not fun. At those times I just go into my bedroom, no light or sound, curl up on the bed and hope for sleep to take me away.

Sometimes I have no clue why I’m getting them, but most times they can be caused by bad weather (bad rain storms, for me anyway) and mostly, stress. And of course thanks to not being able to find steady employment I have been under a lot of stress. But the last couple of years I noticed that I get them almost everyday in the colder months, as I have been lately. I believe it’s because we have a little mold problem, and I simply NEED fresh air. I LOVE fresh air, it always makes me feel better. That’s why I hate the colder months, as well as the really hot ones. In winter windows are closed and heat is on, summer windows are closed cause of the AC. Seriously, those months are like torture to me, and anytime we get the kind of weather that has a nice breeze and it’s not too hot or cold (depending on season) I run around the house opening windows.

OK, enough about the migraines. Some months back I found out that ReBoot was going to be released on DVD, I’m a big Reboot fan and collect lot of things. When seasons 3 & 4 were released on DVD I snatched them up as they came out, unfortunately seasons 1 & 2 were not to be found, and sometimes I thought it never would be released. So glad that I was wrong, and am now happy to have ReBoot Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD! They also released the whole series on DVD, but it was too expensive for me (plus all I really needed was the first and second seasons.)


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Posted by on March 7, 2011 in Geek Things, health problems


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