Always with the Random

24 Feb

Oh yeah, it’s one of those posts. It’s going to be all over the place. OK, so that’s not much different than all my other posts.

Been really bored lately, which could be fixed if I could find a steady job, plus I’m sick of winter and am looking forward to the Spring. Recent applications I’ve put in: Dunkin Donuts and Panera Bread. I could easily work at either place, if they would give me a chance. But I suspect they are not really hiring, I have a whole other post about that subject; Companies act like they are hiring, but are really only taking applications (I never understand this) and they even make you fill out an annoying ‘test’ at the same time. It’s very frustrating, especially when they make you jump through all those hoops, and for no reason.

Dear Businesses who are “accepting applications”; If you are going to have people fill out an application and then steal an hour or more of their lives just to have them answer your annoying, sometimes repetitive, questions, then please have the decency to actually be hiring. If you are not really hiring then you should pay people for wasting their time with your ridiculous application process.

Now on to other things:

The leak in our roof has gotten worse, but when the weather gets warmer Ken plans on fixing it. But we have water damage in the house and have to fix & repaint the ceiling and the wall because of it. Not fun. Speaking of water damage there is also some on the bathroom wall, not because of a leak, but because there is no tile where tile should be (so now we have peeling paint, water damage and mold). That is another project we should really be taking care of soon. Might be easier to get these things fixed if, oh I don’t know, if maybe I could find a job?!

I’ve been trying to eat better because ever since I moved I picked up a lot of Kens bad habits when it comes to food. He can live off of soda, pizza anything with cheese and all kinds of bad carbs. It doesn’t make me feel good, only problem is I don’t have enough money to buy the foods that I really need (cause you know, I can’t find a job). Ever since I moved I had been looking for a store that carried Joseph’s Pita Bread, with no luck. I used to get one that had whole wheat and stuff it with salad stuff and sometimes tuna etc. I can’t seem to find a decently priced pita bread, that I like, out here. I started to suspect that Joseph’s Pita was another “back home” product, and it kind of is, or was at one time. Supposedly it’s sold all over now, but somehow not in Indy…of course.

I was going to do more babbling, but this post is probably already too long. Now it’s time to watch something on Netflix.

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