Netflix, and other things

01 Feb

Some months back we canceled cable. We hardly watched it and were spending $100 a month on it (HD channels, etc), it was not worth it. A lot of shows we watch air on, and we have PlayOn so we’re able to stream it to our TV. Eventually, once cable was gone, we missed certain channels/shows that were not available on Hulu (like Discovery channel) then when we were bored and out of stuff to catch up with on Hulu we had nothing to watch. We recently rectified that problem by signing up for Netflix, we got the streaming only option (we watch it through our PS3), it costs $8 a month, and it’s well worth it! Not all the shows or movies are available for steaming, but they still have a great selection that you can stream. Not too thrilled with the movie selection, but I mostly wanted it for the TV shows anyway. Now I can finally check out shows I haven’t seen before, like Dexter and Lost, and I can catch up on shows I love, but missed a season or two; Psych, Eureka, In Plain Sight, etc. Because there are certain shows I really, REALLY, want to catch up on that don’t stream (like Supernatural) I’m considering the $10 a month plan where they send out one DVD at a time.

OK on to other things…

We recently managed to replace our shower knob. Of course once we tried to take off the old knob we found out that the valve needed to be replaced too because it was kind of ruined, and it was also stuck on the heat adjusting handle. That cost another $15, we spent a total of $65 on everything. It was a bit of a pain, but once we managed to remove all the broken pieces (some were good and stuck), putting on the new ones was really easy. Being able to fix something up is actually quite satisfying.

Big storm hitting most of the states, a lot of people are in a panic. Not me, I never panic about storms. It will pass, and even if you lose power, you will get it back. Yes, power outages can be annoying, and with the cold weather even more so (no one wants to freeze to death), but I see most of the panic with grocery shopping. If I really have to go shopping before/during a storm I simply get what I need, that’s it. No need to buy 10 loaves of bread, countless gallons of water and 6 gallons of milk. Even if you have a big family I don’t get why you would need all of that. How long are these people expecting to stay in their homes? Oh, and if you see someone reaching for a loaf of bread (or anything else), do not be an ass and shove them out of the way so you can grab it before them. Seriously people, have some common sense and show some damn courtesy. Relax. It’s a storm, not the end of the world. Luckily if we do lose power for any real length of time we have a fireplace that we can use to heat the house…We just have to figure out how to use it (never have lol) and the garage is so cold it can act a fridge/freezer. 🙂 Would also be nice to get some board games so we won’t be totally bored, UNO and Yatzee are pretty easy to play by candle light. Plus, I love playing board games and a power outage just might be the only way I can get anyone else to play too.

Oh…and this proves my cat is planning to kill me. I just knew it!

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