Home Repair Projects

18 Jan

We have a few projects around the house that need to get done, but never seem to. Sometimes somethings will happen that are unavoidable and we HAVE to fix it. Like last year, the handle on our toilet (the one off the master bedroom) broke and we needed to get a new one asap. This year it’s our shower knob (same bathroom), we knew it was broken, but it was still working so we put it off. Well, we can no longer put it off. It doesn’t work at all now, and is dripping like crazy (not looking forward to our bill next month). So I looked up stuff online on how to fix it, didn’t sound too hard and figured I could just find a similar one as what we had. Nope. You need the exact brand and make. And of course we have a brand that doesn’t actually exist anymore. I did find the brand was still out there, but hard to find. Especially the exact make I needed, but I may have finally found it (with shipping Ken spent about $50.). Just have to wait a couple of days to get it in the mail and I will know for sure. If it isn’t the exact one then we will have to spend a ton of money on a plumber because we will have to replace the valve in order to be able to use another brand, this also means the wall will more than likely have to be cut and we will also have to fix the shower tiles, etc. Not a project I want to do, so this better be the right damn shower trim kit or I will not be a happy camper.

I’ve decided that my next project will be the sliding door, the handle broke shortly after we moved in and we have still not replaced it, and it’s a cheap and easy project. Also having a problem with the kitchen faucet, I think it needs to be replaced and wish we would do that soon because the water pressure from it is really low and it’s annoying.

Home repairs = stress.

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Posted by on January 18, 2011 in Home Repair, Life


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