First Post of 2011

03 Jan

Ken’s birthday was at the end of December and we celebrated it by ordering a pizza from one of our favorite pizza places, Greek’s Pizzaria. We discovered them recently, they are nearby and one of the few places who will deliver to our area, and they turned out to be really good. I made Ken a cake, and I decided to decorate it, which is something I never do because I simply do not have the patience for decorating cakes, but I don’t let that stop me from trying. I got the idea for his cake when we were carving pumpkins for Halloween…

For our New Years meal I made some Chinese food…OK most of the stuff was frozen, but I like things to be easy (and it’s cheaper than ordering out). On the menu; Orange chicken, veggie spring rolls, crab rangoon and fried rice. The only thing I actually made was the fried rice, and I found a really easy, simple recipe for that online.

I’ve been able to get a little work with Ken’s grandparents (which is unusual this time of year); Worked on a facebook and twitter page for a women’s only half-marathon they are working on for the fall, updating the KLA (and women’s marathon) facebook & twitter accounts, finding & downloading music then making playlists for the KLA iPod that they use at events and updating some race calendars, etc. Which brings me to the fact I still can’t find a steady/permanent job.

Guess that’s it for  now, not much happening. But of course there never really is anything happening.

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