The Lame Update

27 Dec

Lame update time, didn’t realize how long it’s been since I last posted.

Every year goes by faster than the last, how is that even possible? The year is a blur of job searches and playing World of Warcraft.

Our tree this year, with our new furry kitty ornament.

Christmas went well, we had another ‘stingy’ Christmas this year, but that’s fine with us. There were at least a couple of gifts under the tree and Amanda made cute gifts for our stockings. She made me a ReBoot pin and Ken a Star Trek badge keychain. Very awesome, we loved them.

After taking a much needed “break” from job searches (I ran out of jobs to apply for) I am going to start actively looking again tomorrow. Maybe the coming new year will bring me some luck? I thought I might be able to get some extra work with Kens grandparents because their secretary (or whatever her position is) said she found a full time job at some office, but a few days later she decided not to take it and stay with KLA. This confused me greatly, she kept saying she needed a full time job and insurance…So why would she stay in a job that is only a few days a week and does not offer insurance? Yeah, I don’t ‘get’ people

Well I feel a little chilly, so I will finish this up and go make myself a vanilla caramel latte.

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Posted by on December 27, 2010 in Holiday, Home Life, Pets, random


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