More Goodies, etc

17 Nov

Recently got a couple more packages from back home, there are 2 boxes of Drakes Apple Pies, this time I actually got to eat some, last time my daughter ate pretty much the whole box. We also got bulk sized items of some stuff; Mac & Cheese, Rice Crispies Treats & Special K cereal bars. 3 boxes of fruit crisps (those are awesome), 4 cans of B&M brown bread (an item I can’t get in Indy) and some Ah-So duck sauce (another item I can’t get in Indy).

Had some paying work for Kens grandparents recently, the money won’t last long but it helps. I have officially run out of jobs to apply for, have been putting in for everything possible, all the seasonal jobs and such…And of course I haven’t heard anything back. This lead to a minor breakdown when we went to Wal-Mart last week, I have applied to them many times, every year (since 2007) for seasonal positions and a couple of times for permanent ones. So we get into the line to check out and I noticed the fairly oldish lady (age isn’t really a big deal, unless they are slow) was being trained, and she was completely CLUELESS, actually beyond clueless, as to what she was doing. Yes, I get it. People need to be trained…But I have been told they were hiring people with x amount of years previous experience in the specific field, obviously a flat out lie. I could feel myself shaking, once we got to the car I broke down and vented, even cried. Why hire her and not me? I can do the job fast, and I can do it without asking brainless questions every second. Like I’ve said in previous posts; 3 years of trying to find a job, and failing for reasons unknown, has taken it’s toll on me.

Well anyway, looking forward to hanging out this weekend with my little family. Going to Borders to read, heading to Dunkin’ to get some hot chocolates and maybe get in some RockBand!

Oh yeah…I was bored with my hair the other day and decided to trim it a bit and dye it, the color is pretty bright, I like it…


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Posted by on November 17, 2010 in Food, jobs, rant, Shopping, Snacks, thoughts


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