Seasonal Jobs and the Holidays

26 Oct

Stores are finally looking for seasonal help so I’ve been filling out applications where I can. Borders was one of the places I put in for, and the job I would really like to get because I LOVE the bookstore so much. Of course I would hope it would lead to permanent employment. Wishful thinking, I’m sure. I also put in for a position at the movie theater, free movies would be awesome. And there were a few other places, like Boston Market etc. They all start to blur together and I forget who I applied for. heh

Recently I spent 1 1/2 hours on an application for Sears (regular position, not seasonal), and then never heard a word back from them. I decided to follow up and call them only to hear that if I am chosen they will get back to me. Uh….thanks? Still can’t believe the ridiculously long application for them, after all the regular stuff on the application I also had to answer over 70 multiple choice questions. Why do all these places have such a complicated process for low level positions? It’s insane.

Going out this week to get some pumpkins so we can do some pumpkin carving! Haven’t done that in ages, and none of us is good at it, but it’ll still be fun. Wish we had some sort of plans for Halloween, would be nice to dress up and go to a party. I still have my pirate costume from a few years ago, would be cool to be able to wear it again. But I seemed to have lost my Pirates of the Caribbean necklace (of the cursed coin).

We will be spending Thanksgiving at home this year, Kens aunt invited us over but we really just want to do a more traditional ‘turkey day’ this year and we kinda just don’t feel like dealing with the stress of going anywhere, and I’m sick of hearing their political points of view and other garbage. Last year his grandparents had Thanksgiving and we had steaks, this year his aunt wants to do chili. Which seems really odd to us. Don’t get me wrong, I love chili (and so does Ken, but not Amanda), but I can get/make it anytime. Turkey on the other hand is only once a year for me (it’s too much work for more than that) and I look forward to it, and so does Amanda. Hoping to do pretty much the same for Christmas, other than cooking, it’s such a lazy day for all of us and we just like to veg out playing with our new toys and watching DVDs. 🙂 Though I guess we won’t have many “toys” if I can’t find even a temporary job.

So here’s hoping we have a relaxing holiday season this year, and hoping I finally find a  job (even if it’s just seasonal, better than nothing). *fingers crossed*

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