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07 Oct

All those sites that are supposed to make it easy to help you find a job are completely useless. Well maybe not completely, I’m sure every now and then they work for some people, but I have been using them for 3 years and nothing has happened; no interviews or call backs, simply nothing. One of the main problems is that a lot of the job postings are not real. What I mean by that is the places are not actually hiring, they are simply “accepting resumes” and they put up the same job postings, one for every position they have, every couple of months or so. One of the most irritating things is that you have to spend anywhere from 20 – 60 minutes to simply fill out the applications that are nothing but page after page after page of useless questions. After 3 years of this it’s become very stressful and I have actually had nervous break downs because of it.

I don’t simply rely on those sites, I also go to company websites and fill out applications, but that is pretty similar to the job search sites and with the same results. And forget about actually dealing with people, that is unheard of these days; I have tried to call places or inquire in person but all they ever say is, “Go to our website to apply.”. So far I have only seen two places where you could apply within, one was at the cafe in Barnes and Nobel and the other was at Christmas Tree Shops. I didn’t get the B&N job, and I was not qualified for the Christmas Tree Shops one.

Now with the Holidays coming up tons of jobs are supposed to open up for the season, once again I will put in for any and all of them. Maybe this year will be different? I know those jobs are not permanent but I’d be happy if I was able to work for even just a couple of months. Of course once that money ran out I’d be screwed again, but at least I’d have something for a short time, which is always better than nothing.

Companies need to stop putting up job positions that are not available. People like me are desperately trying to find jobs and it seems all we do is weed through all that bullshit. I may be unemployed but I do have other things I could be doing with my time instead of wasting it on these companies that don’t care about what we go through.

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