11 Sep

Today in the mail I got a couple of packages from my parents back home. Got some stuff that is not available in Indy; B&M Brown Bread, Ah-So Sauce and Drakes snack cakes (Ring Dings & Apple fruit pies). Plus some other treats like Mac & Cheese, Twinkies, Special K fruit crisps (just tried them for the first time, very good),  Cheez-Its and Rice Crispies Treats. Someone in the Twinkies factory seemed to have goofed up and put a couple of checks in the box. Oddly enough one was made out to someone with my name and the other one to someone with my daughter’s name. Such a weird coincidence. 😉

Think I will have some of that brown bread with some brown rice and beans later…or maybe after I finish posting this. Will probably make a  box of mac & cheese too since no one else will eat brown rice and beans in this house. *sigh*

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Posted by on September 11, 2010 in Food, Shopping, Snacks


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