Care Package

08 Sep

Been thinking that I need to get someone back home to send me a care package with a couple of things I want but can’t get in Indy. It’s so disappointing not being able to find things I used to be able to get so easy back home.

I used to love B&M brown bread (plain) smeared with some butter, would usually have it with franks & beans. Evidently there are some states (not Indiana) that offer this product, but usually only the raisin one. So the people in those states are seriously messed up and think the raisin one is great and should be eaten with cream cheese. Sheesh. 😉 I can order this product online, but only in large quantities and would have to spend over$13 to get it. Doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but I’m broke and am thinking that $13 (plus shipping) on some bread in a can would not be the best way to spend my money (the whole $100 I have left in checking).

The other product I want, and this one is only available in New England (and online too) is Ah-So Chinese style duck sauce. Used to love marinating pork & chicken with this stuff. It’s so good.

Let’s not forget about Drake’s Snack Cakes. Yes, there are other similar products…But I loved Drakes! One of my favorite Drakes products was Pick-m-ups which were a flaky pastry filled with cream and some other filling, like strawberry. I think they stopped making those some years back, don’t know why they did because those were so freaking awesome.

Great. Now I’m hungry.

There is one more food product, that I can think of anyway, that I can’t get out here (though it’s not a big loss), Ellio’s Pizza. A few other states carry it, but it seems to be mostly a New England thing.

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