This Week in Boredom

17 Jul

Still looking for a job and put in for a few positions this week, but I suspect none will pull through because it always seems to be the same places hiring (ex: Boston Market) yet they never seem to be actually hiring…Did that make sense? Starting to think that they really don’t need the help and just want to see how many applications they can get. They just want to mess with my mind, it’s a game to them. Really. I bet they’re laughing at me right now; “Look, look! She applied again! Sucker! Hahahahahahaha!”. When I check in with these jobs I get some canned response like, “The position has been filled.”. I saw that Dunkin’ Donuts (near the Borders I go to) was hiring and got all happy, until I found out they were looking for shift supervisors…and I’m not qualified for that. I can’t seem to catch a break.

Above is a peek inside my pantry closet. We decided to go to Sams Club to stock up on a few bulk items, like Ken’s pasta and Amanda’s rice. Also grabbed some frozen chicken tenderloin, frozen berry mix, a 10 pack of rice & noodle side dishes and a couple (huge) bags of Doritos. Between the fact that chicken is the cheapest, healthiest meat I can buy and that it’s one of the few foods we all eat I figured I should stock up on it. I’m trying to eat better which is also why I got those berries (I love fruit, especially berries), also got some fresh corn straight off a farm (Free!) and I have some frozen mixed veggies. Why all the frozen stuff? It’s cheaper, and won’t go bad as fast as fresh. As far as carbs go I’m sticking with whole grains & wheat.

Below are some miscellaneous pics I took this past week…

Flowers that grow in my yard, I’m not a flower person so I have no clue what they are.

Went to Saraga the other day and found some melon bread there. I love this stuff!

Went to Skyline Chili for lunch on Friday.

At Borders I discovered a graphic novel from Joss Whedon that I had never heard of, even though it’s been around since 2003. So I read the whole thing while hanging out at the cafe.

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