My Birthday

09 Jul

Instead if wishing me a happy birthday my daughter simply kept reminding me that I was 38…Umm, thanks? lol Ken got me an ice cream cake that was strawberry cheesecake flavor. Yummy! He also treated us to a pizza from my favorite pizza place in Indy, Enzo’s Pizza.

I got some awesome birthday loot; Xena season 1, Supernatural season 1 BluRay (we watched the first 2 episodes on my b’day!) and the 5th installment of the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. And yes, I said I got a Xena DVD, I love that cheesy stuff! Used to watch Xena and Hercules back when it was on, and I miss it. Plus, sometimes they had Bruce Campbell on the shows, and Bruce is too awesome for words. Ken knows I love the weird stuff so he knew just what to get me. 😉

I also have the most awesome birthday card evah! OK, so you might have to be a “Buffy” fan to appreciate it’s awesomeness. When opened it plays clip of the Buffy theme song.

Even though my daughter felt the need to remind me of how old I got, I actually had a pretty good day!

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Posted by on July 9, 2010 in Birthday, family


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